Coke And Pepsi Contain ALCOHOL – Research

Coca cola contians alcohol Coca-Cola and Pepsi contain minute traces of alcohol, scientific research published in France has revealed.

The revelation will cause concern among those who chose the carbonated soft drink for religious, health or safety reasons.

According to tests carried out by the Paris-based National Institute of Consumption (INC) more than half of leading colas contain the traces of alcohol.

These include the brand leaders Coca-Cola and Pepsi Cola, while it is mainly only cheap supermarket versions of the drink which are alcohol-free.

‘60 Million Consumers’, the French magazine, publishes the results of the tests in its latest issue.

They suggest that the alcohol levels are as low as 10mg in every litre, and this works out at around 0.001 per cent alcohol.

But the figures will still be enough to upset the thousands of Muslims who regularly drink Cola because their religion forbids them from drinking alcohol.

Those who are teetotal and drink Coke regularly will also be worried, as will those who choose it as an alternative to alcohol when they are driving.

Of 19 colas tested, the nine which did not contain alcohol were made by brands including Auchan, Cora, Casino, Leader Price and Man U-Cola.

Ten which had traces of alcohol in them included Coca-Cola, Pepsi Cola, Coca-Cola Classic Light and Coke Zero.

Michel Pepin, scientific director for Coca-Cola France, said: ‘It is possible that traces of alcohol come from the process’ of making Coca Cola according to its secret recipe.

He insisted, however, that Coca-Cola drinks were provably ‘soft’ and recognised as such ‘by the government authorities in which they are sold’.

Mr Pepin added: ‘Furthermore, the Paris Mosque has provided us with a certificate stating that our products can be consumed by the Muslim community in line with the religious opinions of the Committee of the Mosque of Paris.’

A spokesman for Pepsi acknowledged that ‘some soft drinks can contain minute traces of alcohol because of the ingredients used,’ although ‘ the Pepsi Cola recipe does not contain alcohol ‘.

Both companies suggested that natural fruit can ferment and produce minute traces of alcohol.

Coca-Cola was invented in 1886 by the American John Pemberton and was originally patented as a medicine which could cure everything from headache to impotence.

It went on to dominate the international soft drinks market and is now a US icon sold in more than 200 countries.

However, caffeine is widely considered to be the main stimulant contained in the drink, along with vast amounts of sugar which have come to associate it with a range of health problems including obesity.

Every can of Coke contains approximately 10 teaspoons of sugar.

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  1. mustapha t. .gyaranya Reply

    @ mohammad, that’s the best alternative! Hanyar lafiya abita da shekara.

  2. abdulkadir Reply

    Ya Allah save us 4rm all dis kind of wahala nd show cos the truth.Coca cola is nt by force bt keeping nd respectn our religion is under mst.

  3. Isa Reply

    Soft drinks are not somethings necessary to take, just boycott it. “Americans are great evils”

  4. Nura Ibrahim Attahir Reply

    I wl never ever drinks it…..astagfirullah

  5. BABAN UMMEE Reply

    already our fore-fathers told us what coca-cola means “KO KA KULA” so Allah will purnish them Insha Allah@Abdullahi Ibrahim 0.001% alcohol cant mak u toxicant as u said but is still alcohol. don’t u know that the’re som ppl even if they drink a carton cant make them toxicant, how could u judge them. think of that brother

  6. Muhammad m bah Reply

    @baban ummee, wat abt d perfume dat we used 2 apply 4 our bdy n perform our prayer, while thy also contain some percentage of alcohol…

  7. Daneji Reply

    Salam my Muslim brothers and sisters, we must be careful of stories of this kind. What is the actual source of this post? How authentic is the publication? I am not backing such companies but being a marketing professional, I know some other soft-drink companies may collaborate and frame this as an industrial war tactics! So whenever we come across things like this, we must ensure its authenticity first so as to avoid becoming industrial war victims, refugees and captives!

    • Isiyaku musa Reply

      That is true my brother, i really appreciate your view point.

  8. Muhammad m bah Reply

    @baban ummee, wat u hv said is obsolutly true, but wat abt d perfume dat we used 2 apply 4 our bdy n perform our prayer, while thy also contain some percentage of alcohol…

  9. Bashir Musa Reply

    These drinks are not sterile so fermentation occurs in them as times goes on. The alcohol referred to here ??s not the one produced to cause drowsiness. What of animal milk (nono), the alcohol contained in fragrance, spirit for cleaning wounds? Do we boycott all these. Remember science originated in Islam and it ??s a simple Deen.

  10. Muhd g salama Reply

    Thgh, Coke is my day to day drink: but i leaved it & am still alive nothing rong with me.


    My broxs n 6trs not stop takin all sft drink,jst avoid som dt hv alcohol,d remaining if deya is alcohol ALLAH will show us lyk dos ones,jst keep pray.ok!!!

  12. Hamzah Reply

    My dear brothers and sisters! Imagine there is a life without soft drinks which are harmful to the body anyway due to the immense amount of sugar in it. So instead getting close to suizide because of the alcohol in Coke (someone even crying out for a substitute, imagine) try to drink water, which Allah in his generousity provided to us for drinking and our health. It’s not just to do something good to your body but also stops the support of western weapon industries that kills muslims in their own country. Subhanna Allah, I could cry out loud from such silly comments above! Salam alaikum!

  13. kamilu mu'awiyya Reply

    I think the best way is to away from coca cola and pepsi.What of maltina, lucozode and the others energy soft drink didn’t they contain?

  14. Abiola Ayobola Reply

    Why re they just discovering their alcoholic content now? Something that has bin in existence 4 donkey years, it means something is fishing somewhere. My advice 2 everybody is that we shld try n steer clear frm all dese drinks cuz they do more harm than good, just imagine d sugar content, we shld not only think abt d alcohol, we shld also think dat all dese drinks can also lead 2 diabetes n some other related diseases. So, everybody, b cautious.

  15. Adegoke Taofeek Reply

    I believe Allah in His Majesty will not punish us for what we did not know. But henceforth, let’s stop taking them and keep praying to Allah to let us know another soft drink that also contain alcohol. Salam Alaykun Waramotullahi Wabarakatul



  17. Laylah Musa Reply

    Pepsi does not contain Alcohol!read carefully before u make any conclusions

  18. Abdulhadi adamu jalingo Reply

    Pls, my there brothes &sisters in islam, stop drinking this cain of minarals becous anything deling with alcahol islamicaly is prohebeted means is haram, may Allah give us peurification in our hard and may he grand ous jannatul firdaus.

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