Police Looking For Pastor Bakare Because Of His Sermon On Jonathan

By SaharaReporters

Pastor Tunde Bakare
The State Intelligence Bureau of the Nigeria Police was expected to question Tunde Bakare, a fiery Lagos pastor and political activist, this morning.

This followed an invitation letter, seen by SaharaReporters, which was sent to Pastor Bakare‘s church address on June 26.

Signed by CSP Usman Ayuba, the “invitation” followed an explosive sermon delivered by Pastor Bakare, who is also a top member of the Save Nigeria Group (SNG), on Sunday June 17. In it, he described President Goodluck Jonathan’s destiny as being “to bankrupt Nigeria,” amongst other issues, in relation to the $6.8 billion oil subsidy scam.

A few days after the sermon was given, and following another press conference by the SNG in Lagos in which Pastor Bakare commented on the culpability of Mr. Otedola in the bribery scandal rocking the House of Representatives, Mr. Otedola’s lawyers fired a letter demanding retraction of the comments.

Pastor Bakare, according to his aides, is currently traveling outside Nigeria. It is unclear if the police plan to snatch him at the airport upon his return.

The pastor’s critical SNG has had the government in an uncomfortable stare-down before. In December 2010, the group visited President Jonathan in Abuja in connection with its advocacy of certain national policies.

On its way out of the presidential villa, the group was handed a $50,000 bribe, which it refused. The embarrassed government explained that the money was not a bribe, but “transport fare.”
Pastor Bakare subsequently ran for vice-president on the ticket of the Congress for Progressive Change. As pastor or political activist, he has always strongly criticized anti-people policies.

  1. Chris Reply

    If the the government has nothing to hide then there is no need to intimidate activists!

  2. Attamem. Reply

    True talk always bitter!

  3. Bola ilori Reply

    Please leave Babatunde Bakare alone, if what he said was not true then explain to Nigeria people that it’s not true pls pls and pls don’t kill him as u kill Gani Fawehinmiooooooo

  4. david Reply

    by a reason of his high socia placement in d society,he happened to have first hand information on his desk as oppose to d masses. So let Bakare be as he is saying d truth. Why did FG has to offer SNG 50,000 dollar! FG we know has always been a wasteful spender. Was d money to implicate them or assist a coordinated as such as SNG! Jonathan is so unserious and childish,PDP and d vicious circle in its system has cost us our securitz and d narrow thinking PDP caucus don’t respect humanity!

  5. I.A. Goodness Reply

    I will lift up my voice in a riddle and play skillfully with the words of my tongue. I was in your belly as a tender and only beloved child, until the day I came forth out of your womb to be a wild beast of the earth o Nigeria. What happened to my only beloved and who hath bewitched you against me o Nigerians. I seek your return from a dark and slippery places of the earth, to behold the cause of cruelty and wickedness you have instituted in the streets of my land Nigeria. Then I opened my mouth in wrath to curse them that have corrupted you, only to discover you have mingled yourself in the cup of corruption, and pouring out the drink of deception. You are all together become rebellious o Nigerians. You have devised a snare against the prophets I have sent to you o Nigeria, and have cause them to become like your children Nigerians. I myself have come down to weep against you o Nigeria, for I yet seek the return of my only beloved Nigerians. You are in my hands as a weapon of war, and I am determined to make an end to all that have corrupted my inheritance Nigeria. I will shake the heavens over you Nigeria, and also shake the land beneath you Nigerians. Then you will know that I am the Lord that have chose you above all nations and I will not slack to bring my purpose to pass in the place I have chosen to put my name.

  6. kamilu mu'awiyya Reply

    Please! Oga jona no try kill dis man o, Naija police una no get heart, instead make oga jona give una dat money go search naija most wanted man i.e SHEKAU! Abi how una see am?

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