Mum Pours Hot Water On 18-Year-Old Step Son (PICTURES Included) – Viewers Discretion Advised

The victim, Olatunde Ajasa

The incident ensued between Mrs Kemi Ajasa (nee Osho) of Lagos State Internal Revenue and her 18 year old step son, Olatunde Ajasa.

Mrs Kemi AjasaMrs Kemi Ajasa

Ola in a critical condition is said to be under a serious intensive care in a hospital around Igando area of Lagos. His step-mum who works with the Lagos Internal Revenue Service took laws into and hands and punished him for beating her little daughter (Senami) by pouring hot water on him while asleep.

Senami allegedly came to his room to scatter some of his stuffs and he spanked her. And my step-mom started flaring up, raining curses and threatening to beat him.


Read the story as it’s being told by the teenager:

“The argument that led to the sad incident started when my step-mum saw me beat my sister, she got very angry and wanted to harm me back in anger, she reached for and did all she could physically, I tried to defend myself but she overpowered me.

She got more furious after my father and some neighbors tried to stop her, and she started scattering the house and even broke bottles.

My uncle who also lives around was able to drag her away from the house. I was still sleeping on my bed the next morning, when she walked into my room and bathed me with hot water; I staggered to the living room and saw my father and uncle. That was the last I remembered before I passed out and woke at the hospital.”

“The father said his brother came into the house around 4:30am the next morning to settle the rift that occurred the previous day; they all sat in the living room, when the wife stood up and went into the kitchen. She was going in and out, and they thought she was preparing herself for work, not until Ola walked out of the room, looking weak and skin peeled, and fainted on the ground. We quickly rushed him to the hospital, while she stood staring and mocking him for calling out for help.” His Uncle narrated.

Olatunde Ajasa

Olatunde Ajasa

Olatunde Ajasa

Olatunde Ajasa

  1. Daniel Reply

    What kind of mum is this, that doesn’t care about someone close to her, just imagin wht she will do to others people children? She need God mercy & her son.

  2. oyedun olajide mutiu Reply

    This is inhumanity against fellow human. That woman is absolute demonic. Would she have done that if he’s her son?

  3. kafayat bayonle olorode Reply

    Allah guide n protect dis boy. Dis is serious better but mum rem dat 2morrow is greater than 2day. D devil people rem 2morrow.

  4. sola Reply

    is she still hiding? God will fetch her out. Thank God she didnt poison him. She’ll come out and say it is the work of the devil…can’t wait to hear what she has to say. why didnt the devil ask her to boil her own child instead of my cousin ? allthesame i thank God for the life of my coz

  5. Yasin Nasidi Reply

    This woman need to be jugde according to her did. This is evil work

  6. Micah Reply

    This is a devilish act. She should be sent to jail for attempted murder. Ha!!! This is wickedness in the highest order.

  7. Precious Reply

    Dis is d devil himself working.Dat woman is totally i mean totally out of ur mind.She is insean,as in mad.Crazy .

  8. Ujunwa umeasala Reply

    She is jst a devil in human form,shld be punished very well,she must not go unpunished

  9. Desly Reply

    She is absolutely insane!

  10. de Reply

    she is stupid. period!!!!!!

  11. muritala shamsideen abiodun Reply

    an appretice in my mum shop in d early 80ties also did such tyn 2 me,thank God 4 my life cos mine is not as much as urs,so sorry 4 wat happen but God is in control believe me u guy

  12. comfort Reply

    ppl ve u stopd to think if she is nt mad, cos its only a graving mad woman cn do a thing lyk that

  13. JustT Reply

    just too bad more so that she is a mother!

  14. diamond Reply

    She is a devil and not a mother… The law must take it course…

  15. king Henry Reply

    This woman is a devil she must rot in jail for a long time

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