Snoop Dogg Arrested

Snoop Dogg The 40-year-old old American rapper was reportedly detained at the Kjevik Airport in Kristiansand, Norway for carrying marijuana and traveling with too much cash.

Police reportedly found eight grams of the drug on the hip-hop star after a sniffer dog alerted them.

Although Norwegian law means suspects cannot be named, it has been widely reported that the incident involved Snoop.

The details remain hazy, with TMZ claiming Snoop was fined $1980.13 for the drugs offences.

Other reports suggest he paid $8,600 in total, with the rest of the charge apparently linked to the cash he was carrying.

Snoop is in the European country to perform at a music festival.

It’s not the first time the star has been arrested for cannabis possession. In January, several cigarettes containing the substance were found in his tour bus while he was in Texas.

He has faced similar arrests over the years, receiving a suspended 30-day jail sentence in 2002 for misdemeanour marijuana possession.

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    What do expect from junkies man. Drugs and money of course

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