Baby Born With One Eye, Penis On Forehead In South Africa

Baby born with one eye, small penis on forehead DOCTORS at Dr Malizo Mpehle Memorial Hospital in Tsolo (Eastern Cape province of South Africa) delivered a baby with an eye and a penis on the forehead yesterday, the provincial health department said.

The baby girl, who was born to a 16-year-old girl from Qumbu, did not survive.

Eastern Cape department of health spokesman Sizwe Kupelo said the baby was born with one eye on her forehead, and no eyes where her eyes should have been.

She had a penis on the forehead even though she is a girl; and exposed small and large intestines.

“She was born with a small penis on the forehead and one eye on the forehead,” Kupelo said.

“She was born with no nose and where there are supposed to be eyes there was nothing, just skin covered over the area.”

Earlier this month, a pair of conjoined twins were born, also at the Dr Malizo Mpehle district hospital in Tsolo. Kupelo said at the time that they were the fifth set of conjoined twins born in the former Transkei in the past 18 months.

Last year in November, one child was born with an exposed heart in Port Elizabeth and another reported case was one with an exposed brain in Middleberg.

Kupelo said this pressed for the department to do a study. There were 29 birth defects last year alone.

“We urge pregnant women to start ante-natal care early for early detection,” said Kupelo, adding that this was vital especially in the first trimester.

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    poor child may god bless you

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Sad stuff.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    pretty much looks like radiation issues raging around there, the kind of stuff Japan has been hiding massively since 3/11/2011 but you can look at Chernobyl babies and Fallujah, Iraq infant mutations and see very similar pictures. With this much born this way there is some problem that is very serious to a lot more than what is affected as a developing fetus. this only means here that radiation is there and big time and a lot of cancer’s come to adults because the radiation is affecting developing fetus here. To choose from there is nuclear, depleted uranium in some war weapons, like they spread it around in Fallujah, Iraq, maybe it’s a local leak, or trucking waste accident, or truck theft when they were transporting radioactive waste, even from a hospital or college, maybe they imported some radioactive food from Fukushima, Japan, or Fallujah, Iraq who could not sell it to anyone in the world that isn’t ignorant. Maybe someone in Africa farmed a portion of land where radioactive waste was buried and didn’t know it, in which case you would check around for mother’s that were food foraging or growing things or there are murder plots where someone may have just did this for some reason to kill off some people.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    I think his family was alcoholism or smoker because strange things happen with those baby hows family or the dad was alcoholism or drug user

  5. Anonymous Reply

    p’tite bite

  6. Anonymous Reply

    Most probably result of environment pollution and radiation exposure. Thorough scientific research should immediately be carried out to detect the reasons.

  7. Anonymous Reply

    sad things happen in life for a reason but still its sad

  8. Anonymous Reply

    Poor baby!!! 🙁

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    Dont hate, Its really sad

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    that child, born with one eye, so sad, so very sad

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    Is this real.. if not that is horrible to make people believe so.. awful..

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Must be something wrong with the area these people live in.

  15. Anonymous Reply

    Environmental exposures to nuclear wastes or ‘depleted uranium’ munitions (or scrap metal from battlefields where depleted uranium munitions were used to destroy tanks, etc.), this could explain a spike in birth defects.

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    You realize that not only uranium/plutonium can cause malformation right? Read about radiation, what it is, how it works, etc, before you go on thinking that radiation only comes from those sources.

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