Pastor Bakare: We Are Throwing The Corrupt People Out Of Power, Only The Foolish Will Wait For 2015

By SaharaReporters, New york

Fiery Pastor Tunde Bakare, who was last week declared wanted by the State Investigation Bureau over a sermon proclaiming President Jonathan as determined to bankrupt Nigeria, today hit even harder in his latest sermon.

Mr. Bakare, who heads the Latter Rain Assembly, began on a musical note, imploring the congregation to join him in singing a popular Pentecostal retreat song that inserted “Jonathan” into the lyrics.
Pastor Tunde Bakare
“Let us carry Jesus up and throw Jonathan away. Up, up Jesus; down, down Jonathan,” the pastor proclaimed, warming into his sermon this Sunday.

Wanted by the SIB over a recent sermon, Pastor Bakare told his congregation that the letter inviting him to attest to the rippling sermon he gave last week arrived while he was away in Ukraine. He said he had defied the advice of many who counseled that he should not return when he was being sought by the government’s security department.

“I received lots of calls and I was advised not to come to Nigeria until Monday, but I have nothing [to hide],” Mr. Bakare announced, narrating his experience of last week.

The pastor also reacted to the news of a N25 billion lawsuit reportedly filed against him by a firm owned by oil magnate Femi Otedola over the pastor’s statement accusing Otedola of fraud in last week’s sermon.

“I am now in the country for anyone that is looking for me,” said Mr. Bakare, adding, “Let him bring his lawsuit so that we can put his integrity to the test.” Mr. Bakare stated, “He wants to see the lawyer in me.”

Mr. Bakare also announced that his church was planning a prayer event for the nation this July, adding that the fraudulent party and people in power would be swept away for a new dawn in the nation, come Nigeria’s next national anniversary in October.

“I invite the South, the North, the East and the West on the 22nd of July to join us in sweeping off the frauds in the government of Nigeria. Only the foolish will wait for 2015 or 2020. We are throwing the corrupt people out of power. July will be intense for them, August will be more intense for them and September will be the darkest night that will usher in the new dawn for Nigeria,” he declared as he raised his voice.

Last Sunday, Pastor Tunde Bakare had claimed in his sermon that President Goodluck Jonathan’s destiny was to run the nation bankrupt. The SIB had reportedly sought to invite Mr. Bakare for questioning, but he was away in Ukraine as the letter arrived. The SIB’s invitation has been widely perceived as an attempt to arrest and detain Pastor Bakare who was a vice presidential candidate to General Muhammadu Buhari (rtd).

Pastor Bakare gave assurances today that he did not flee the country to evade detectives, adding that he was back now and ready to receive those seeking him.

  1. pioneer4change Reply

    pastor, may God preserve your life till that time, nigeria truly needs a quick and urgent revolution. things cannot continue like this we are tired of suffering and new pages of corruption on our newspaper pages everyday

  2. Tunde Bakare Reply

    Pastor God bless & increase you i wish most of the men of God in this country can love this country not just by saying but by action & with the kind of courage you have i love you man!you rock!

  3. alawe ismail Reply

    u are truly a man of God

  4. ogunmola. s Reply

    Jonathan is a failure, Abati is a liar, diezani is a crook and jonathan cabinet is composed of people destined to bankrupt Nigeria. God will bless Tunde Bakare if his intention is genuine and not to seek politcal gains.

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