PHOTO: Teacher Caught Having Séx With A Female Student (Censored)

Séx in classroom Obviously this isn’t like a rape case or any other forcefully induced act, it is just an act that was borne out of personal desire of both parties, but it still doesn’t exonerate the teacher. The fact is that he has committed a punishable offence. This act was said to have been discovered and we are much more interested in the advice the writer had to give us concerning his discovery.

Here it is:

I just came across a shocking picture of what looked like a teacher having séx with a female pupil right inside the classroom.

From the angle of the image, it was not hard to tell that the séx was not forceful but it takes nothing away from the wrongness of having a teacher having séxual int*rcourse with his female pupil.

I just thought i should send out a warning to parents and guardians to ensure they pay more attention to their daughters and female wards.

When parents play their part, we shall then ask the Lord to watch over these children while we go about our businesses in order to provide for them.
A word is enough for the wise.

Source: InfoNigeria

  1. Danjuma. Reply

    Too bad, the teacher need to see a psychiatric doctor, then straight to the prison. Too bad!

  2. majekodunmi oluwagbemiga john Reply

    This is very disgusting and bad that a teacher that is suppose to be an example to his students is the one messing them up.His female children may reap what their fathers have sown.The female student herself is dirty,shameful girl to the women.

  3. amara d Reply

    mayb they had an agreement abt scores or textbook, but it doesnt justify it or mayb the teacher told her d@ was d only way to escape a punishment, but its bad parents and guardians pls provide for ur wards so d@ dey dnt do dis in order to avoid…

  4. Gassolism Reply

    He is nt a good teacher he shld b takin 2 d court 4 judicial proceeding

  5. AMINU MUSA Reply

    Unfaithful! Both the teacher and the girl should face the law.

  6. jesus Reply

    the guy dey enjoy wo na wa wo

  7. Baba Gana Kolomi Reply

    This girl most be suspended & the teacher should face the law.

  8. Alfa Dikko Reply

    The skul mgt. are not supervision accordingly, both the teacher and the skul mgt. are suppose to face justice.

  9. o j lmafidon Reply

    He is a fool,sombody will do it to his children,and his grand children without lookin back.

  10. Chinwe Reply

    This world is turning to somthing else and this young girl has realy gone far. Thy knw manythings about sex more than older ladies,thy do it anywhere & everyday.May God help our childern.

  11. king Henry Reply

    Where did this happened In Nigeria or South Africa

  12. Salimatu Reply

    Too bad!perhaps dis might nt b his first tym of havin sex wit his student.He really deserve 2 b punish.

  13. aminat musa Reply

    d world is gting 2 an end but d teacher nd d student shld face d law .

  14. Aisha Reply

    Wat a disgusting act…. D teacher nor d student should nt go unpunished

  15. Wahbe Reply

    These are both students from Ivory coast, not teacher and student. I am not for or against the teachers but actually if you do your research this picture is frozen from a video

  16. Omotaiwo Reply

    Dis is bad,a teacher and a student havin sex in a dis enjoyment or what….ooh my gosh… wa ooooOo.

  17. Anonymous Reply

    Such a shameful act but there is an agreement btw the both parties. There is no sign of rape there but justice must take place.

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