Police IG Publishes His Cell Phone Number To Allow Nigerians Reach Him Directly

By SaharaReporters, New York

Mohammadu Dahiru Abubakar Do you have a security or corruption problem involving the Nigeria Police Force?
Then call the Inspector-General himself, Mohammadu Dahiru Abubakar, on 08059666666. That’s right: it is his personal mobile phone number.

In an unprecedented public relations move, Mr. Abubakar published the number this afternoon in Kaduna, charging all Nigerians who have security challenges to reach him directly, and also to report any policeman or officer found engaging in corrupt practices and abnormalities.

The IG was speaking at Force Headquarters in the city after inspecting some weapons recovered by his men from suspected rioters and bombers.

He warned that the Nigeria Police must change based on reforms he is spearheading towards changing its battered image.

The IG also blasted the Nigerian elite, alleging that some of them induce police officers to play their games by freeing hardened criminals who ought to be prosecuted.

  1. sani Reply

    sir, that is good and may God almighty be with u in all ur endevours.

  2. Emeto .v.o Reply

    In sane clime,the IG of Police should be talking of an emmergency line,like 911 in America.The question is;why can’t that happen ?.One,the truth is that,the Police are not yet ready to meet the demand of such emmergency line.I believe many other challanges exist.
    In sane clime,you can get an ambulance service from the comfort of your home.
    In sane clime,someone must pay for breaking the law,no matter your political,religious,social,and economic statues.
    Thank you IG for the number.The question is;how many Nigerians can reach you in 24 hours ?.One number for millions of Nigeria,with all due respect sir,you need better advicers,as do our president.I believe in these country,i mean the words i say when i pledge to Nigeria.I know we can make our people mean it, so that when they break the law ,they pay.The Police is the key to tackling the whole of Nigerian challenges, believe me when i say that.Please reason with me.Any comment ?.

  3. Tobi Reply

    Am happy, but the police in general should do more to restore their former good image( figure) to Nigerians.

  4. Oscar Akom Reply

    Thanks IG you are now starting your job, but one thing continue in that way o dont change your mine o

  5. ayi adalci Reply

    i pray that the cabal in pdp allow the IG to do his work as it should be. you know pdp as a terrible and most corrupt party in the world only wants to see things deteriorate as part of their (people deceiving people) agenda. you can see that since inception in 1999 all structures in naija are going down instead of progressing. i also pray that God changes them with a better set of leaders soonest.

  6. BobbyJ Reply


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