PHOTO: The Zuma Penis Cartoon That Has Enraged South African Govt

Zuma Cartoon

Top cartoonist Zapiro’s latest drawing in the independent Mail & Guardian shows Zuma in the shape of an erect penis with a shower head hanging above him and looking at himself in a mirror at an art gallery.

The government has called for the urgent removal of the latest Zapiro cartoon on President Jacob Zuma published by Mail & Guardian.

“Government calls on Jonathan Shapiro (Zapiro) to withdraw his cartoon, and urges the Mail & Guardian to remove it from its website,” government spokesman Jimmy Manyi said in a statement.

The cartoon was a “defamatory attack” on Zuma’s character and violated his rights to dignity as enshrined in the Constitution.

“It is disappointing that the Mail & Guardian published such a demeaning cartoon, especially following the recent debate about another offensive artwork.”

Zapiro’s cartoon makes clear reference to the painting of Zumba by satirical artist Brett Murray which ruffled feathers in April when it went on show in a Johannesburg gallery.

But the cartoonist said “Dissident views are essential for real change. Irreverence toward leaders who take themselves too seriously is a vital part of democracy,” he said in an email issued by his office.

“If ANC spokespeople feel the cartoon should be ignored then they are free to ignore it,” he said.

The cartoon drew condemnation Friday from the ruling ANC just weeks after furore over a painting which exposed his genitals.

  1. Galeboe Moeketsi Reply

    Zapiro has always being a racist hyena hiding in a sheep’s skin. He courmaflushes under art to put across his racist remarks, hence he has no respect for africans and
    sees nothing good about african leaders. The sworn enemy of anything african.

  2. hlungwana jabulani Reply

    There is no element of disrespect on the picture since our own president`s actions or sex life is based on open spectacle.How can you respect someone who fail to grant one for him.

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