Woman Gives Birth To A Baby With Two Heads (PHOTO)

A woman in India gave birth to a healthy child with two heads and necks in a private hospital in Muktsar, Punjab, after a major operation on Tuesday.

The new-born male baby is under observation in the intensive care unit of the hospital where the condition of the child is stated to be critical. Doctors said that if the baby survives for 24 hours, then he can be referred to a bigger institution for further treatment.

Woman Gives Birth To A Baby With Two Heads

Payal Rani, wife of Subhash and resident of Goniana road in Muktsar, was admitted in Guru Nanak Ayurvedic College and Hospital at Barkandi road in city for delivery at about 10 am on Tuesday morning. The blood pressure of the woman was very high and doctors decided to operate her.

A panel of three doctors – Dr Sukhvinder Singh, Dr Mukesh Bansal and Dr M L Ashwani – operated the woman, but were shocked to see the child. The child was born with two heads and two necks separately, with a single body.

“The baby born with two heads and necks is a full term male baby. He is active and healthy now. The weight of baby at the time of birth is 3.1 kg. At the time of birth, the baby was not crying which is mandatory. But after treatment, he cried. The baby was shifted to the nursery in my hospital where he is being kept on oxygen and fluid. He is surviving well”, said Dr Rajendra Bansal, a child specialist.

“We asked parents of the baby to refer the baby to some bigger institution like AIIMS or PGI, Chandigarh. They are from labour class and were not willing to go anywhere. They pleaded with us to take the baby home but IMA, Muktsar has decided to treat the baby. The baby was later sent to my hospital from Guru Nank Hospital.” Bansal said.

“The IMA has decided that if the baby survives, then the cost of treatment of the baby will be borne by them. This is the first time when such type of a baby is born in Muktsar and he is alive. About ten years back, a baby was born with two heads and necks, but he was born dead”, Dr Mukesh said.

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    If we are still alive there is nothing in this earth that we will not see….i pray that the baby will live long and see his grandchildren.


    This is planet earth for you, fill with a lot of wonders, especially in a time like this, this is simply to say that the end time is no longer far from reach. But in the other way round is a message to we human. How can this life be interesting if we all are not bound to hair and see strange things in our time, how can we appreciate one and other if we all are beautifully designed, to some person all this are like fairy tail, but you know this things happen for real. The question i will be asking, is that how can this child and his parents coop with this situation if at all he survives? What kind of surgery cal operation will put him to good shape, our medical doctors and great scientist, i really want to know because this is indeed a situation beyound my knowlede for now. Lest show that innocent child some love in our own kind, i gat nothing but a prayer for him to be well with him.

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    This is not the first. But why are all these happening? It is really a great concern. Is is a result of mutatation or who they are created?

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    He cried? With both mouths??

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