Family of 8 Die Mysteriously After Attending Mother’s Burial

Family of Nine Die Mysteriously after Attending Burial Ceremony Tragedy struck Sunday morning at Umuakoro Village in Emekuku Owerri North Local Government Area of Imo state when 9 persons, including 8 members of the same family were found dead at their residence in the early hours of the day.

Report says Mr. Pascal Njoku who worked and resided in Port-Harcourt, Rivers state, had come back home for the final burial ceremony of his mum who died some months ago. He was accompanied by his wife, 5 children, his sister-in-law and her son. Shortly after the burial on Saturday, they all went to their respective rooms to sleep.

Unfortunately, all eight of them were found dead in the early hours of Sunday.

The Njoku’s children who died along with him were Ebere, Ifunanya, Chibueze, Jackline and Uchechi.

A member of the bereaved family, Mrs. Christiana Uba, who is married to an indigene of Umualum Uratta in the same local government area who came for the funeral of their mother along with her friend, Mrs Catherine Ahunonu, also died along with her.

As at press time, the cause of their death could not be ascertained. But sources said their mouths were all foaming profusely when the bodies were brought out of the rooms.

The Imo State Commissioner of health Obi Njoku, who visited the scene of the occurrence said from the foaming found in their mouth, there is a possibility that they might have died of food poisoning.

Njoku added that only autopsy could ascertain the true cause of their death.

  1. Ibrahim Reply

    May their gentle souls rest in peace,amen!

  2. Jude Uche Reply

    Lord God help their sole rest in peace let your justice be done.

    • Levi Nwosu Reply

      May their gentle souls rest in peace but each family should have one born again child of God so that God can reveal the plan of the enemy.God reveals secret to his people.

  3. Jude Emma Reply

    May their soul rest in peace but those who poisoned this family will die a dirty death

  4. Olufisayo Ogunwale Reply

    The heart of ma is desperatly wicked.

  5. Bleeding Heart Reply

    I pity the perpetrator of this evil, cos he/she will never have rest in this life or in the life to come.

  6. Adaeze edith Reply

    Wat a wicked world we are living in..may their soul rest in perfect peace..amen

  7. ify momoh Reply

    Wickedness is real.

  8. Daniel-Mario Reply

    First thing first, let an autopsy be conducted to ascertain the cause of their death. Merciful Lord! please grant their souls the forgiveness they need and rest them in your bosom. Also, caring Lord, grant their bereaved relatives, friends and sympathizers, the fortitude to bear this loss christianly. Amen.

  9. Patrick Onyeka Ohia Reply

    Boko haram in Emekukwu Owerri.

  10. Salome Reply

    May their gentle soul RIP…God help nigeria, God help Africa…Bleeding heart!!!

  11. Opoku Williams Reply

    I share their sentiment and sympathy, May their souls rest in perfect peace

  12. Henry jimmy Reply

    Too much wickedness in Africa may there soul rest In perfect peace ,hmmm nobody from the local government assemble air plane,motor what there no about is evil in Africa God will help us

  13. christy Reply

    The Perpetrator must be brought to book. why should a person want to wipe out a whole family from the face of this earth. Wickedness is real and there is no peace for the wicked says the holy book. the person that did that will never know peace and all his family until he or she confess and run nicked in a market place. RIP Amen

  14. H. Kashina Reply

    Oh Almighty God grant the everlasting rest in heaven. Oh it’s a pity.

  15. Chinyere .A Reply

    Na waoo, wounder shall never end. God will arest who so ever that did this to them and they shall never go unpunish.

  16. Adebayo Olufemi Reply

    may the spirit of these deceased victims never sleep but fight back to avenge the evil parpetrators.

  17. prince onyems Reply

    any way wat can i say , the lord shall fight for them , cos the battle is of the lord , rest in peace u all the victimes , the lord shall revench for u all

  18. Kelly Uwakwe Reply

    I think the youth of that community is asleep.deeply asleep.coz if they were to b awake,they would av done’s now up to one mth this incident happened.and nobody has doing any thing yet.
    Pls they should act fast and release the corpse of my aunt for us to bury.

  19. Anonymous Reply

    Do not judge cause nobody knows tomorrow humans stay out of evil

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