‘Federal Govt Is Working Hard To Ensure A Check On Impunity’, Says Jonathan

President Goodluck Jonathan Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan has on Sunday said that the Federal Government is working hard to ensure that there is a check on impunity in the country.

The president said this while reacting to the killing of Senator Gyang Dantong, describing it as cruel and regrettable.

According to his spokesman Dr. Reuben Abati, he ordered security agencies to fish out the killers of the Senator.

Speaking to Abati told reporters that the President had directed security agencies to ensure that a thorough investigation is carried out to ensure that the culprits are apprehended and brought to justice in due course.

The President also commiserated with the government and people of Plateau State and members and the leadership of the Senate on the incident.

“The Federal Government is working hard to ensure that there is a check on impunity.

“That much was demonstrated with the recent changes made in the top echelon of our security architecture, especially with the appointment of the new National Security Adviser.

“We shall continue to re- invigorate our fight against terrorism and impunity and we are already taking concrete steps. The President further assured citizens of their safety wherever they live,” Abati said

  1. joe Reply

    You can not assure me of my own safety and security when their is absolutely little or nothing to show for it…even a blind man can see that…it is very easy to know and see when things are going the right way…please we are just tired of lip-services, that is all i have ever known Nigeria government for…Barking but Toothless

  2. Godi Reply

    how can you ask to get the people who kill ur senate arrested what of the poor the woman,children family burnt churches member’s? are they not human? pls let us be reasonable some times,none of us an animal we are human being just like you Mr President,if you don’t fight this issue and get the head of this gang arrested, if you like take obama as your security head all your effort will be useless,take it or leave it. because those people supporting them with arm’s and money are the main target first to get them arrested then fight the onces on the street because they are the back borns to this boko haram and terrorist act, police knows them so why waiting is it not enough?

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