Gunmen Attack More Villages In Plateau As 140 Bodies Lie Unburied

Map of Nigeria showing location of Jos Unknown gunmen have reportedly attacked two more villages in Barkin-Ladi Local Government Area near Jos, Plateau state, setting them ablaze.

Report says the villages were reduced to rubble.

The attack was confirmed Tuesday evening by member representing Riyom Constituency in the Plateau State House of Assembly, Mr. Daniel Dem who gave the names of the villages as Tse and Shong.

Mr. Dem said: “I can authoritatively confirm to you that as I am talking to you now, the same gunmen from top of the mountain have attacked two more villages.

“The two villages, Tse and Shong, have been reduced to rubble, with no house standing. Forty-five houses were burnt. The gunmen came in their usual style, with sporadic shooting. The villagers were scared and they ran out of their houses. The gunmen set the houses ablaze and the residents have added up to the number of displaced people in the area.”

“Because, as I am talking to you now, those 140 bodies are still lying there without burial; we are still afraid of going back there,” Dem said.

He praised the Special Task Force (STF) for its efforts, saying:

“Without them, this situation would have been worse. They actually helped during the attack in Maseh while we were doing the burial. They came there with their armoured tank and as the people ran for safety, the STF shot from inside the armoured car twice. This scared the gunmen from coming after us.

“If the STF had shown their superior power earlier than that, the gunmen would not have attacked us during the mass burial. Our two legislators would not have died of the shock. I wish the STF had acted faster than they did, but, all the same, they deserve commendation and I’m urging them to do more to help our people.”

  1. Oscar Akom Reply

    (Nothing dey happen), in the other hand (no b small thing o)

  2. Pastor El-madak yamai madaki Reply

    Nawao this is beyound comment.

  3. gangai Reply

    STF Weldon and keep on doing the best out of you. May this useless attackers be trace soon. Ameen.

  4. Ibrahim nuhu Reply

    May god punishe them nd those people that are sponsorin them

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