FG Insists NYSC Members Be Posted To Troubled States

FG Insists NYSC Members Be Posted To Troubled States Federal Government has overruled the National Youth Service Corps on the redeployment of corps members from troubled states.

Minister of Youth Development, Alhaji Inuwa Abdulkadir, said this at a news conference in Abuja on Tuesday. Abdulkadir insisted that corps members would be posted to Borno, Yobe and other troubled states.

His positing supersedes an earlier concession granted to the affected corps members by the Director-General of the NYSC, Brig.-General Nnamdi Okore-Affia.

The DG, had in a statement on July 5 directed corps members posted to Yobe to proceed to Nasarawa State, while those scheduled to have their orientation in Borno were directed to Benue State.

The minister argued that the issue of posting of corps members to states other than their states of origin was enshrined in the relevant laws establishing the scheme.

Abdulkadir said any other form of concessional posting of corps members apart from the grounds of health and marriage would require constitutional amendment.

On the resolution passed by the House of Representatives, he said the position of the ministry remained the position of the law.

The House had in a resolution said the NYSC should halt posting of corps members to troubled states.

The minister said, “Talking about the National Assembly’s resolution vis-a vis our position here. My position is that of the law.

“The fundamental thing is that the NYSC is a constitutional issue; the constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, which is supreme.

“Of course, the NYSC initially was established through a military decree in 1973 because of its potential to the existence of Nigeria as a nation.

“And in pursuance of a deliberate policy to set up something that will always and continue to integrate Nigerians and bring about harmony amongst Nigerians, among other things, the framers of the 1979 Constitution deemed it fit to make the NYSC law part of the constitution.

” So if you are going to make any amendment to the NYSC or alter anything, you have to alter the constitution. That is the position.

“In that regard, posting of corps members to states, apart from their own, except in some special circumstances, is governed by the law and must be adhered to.”

He recalled that many Nigerians died during the civil war.

The minister stated, “Don’t forget that a number of people went to the civil war. A number of Nigerians went to the war front they were killed they left families.

“There are people who up till now who for no fault of theirs because by circumstances they were born during the period of the war they were not armed they got incapacitated. They have disabilities and they are living with those disabilities because of the war. This is a sacrifice to the nation.”

He criticised the protest by some corps members in Abuja, saying at the time of the protest the protesters, who wore NYSC uniform, had not registered.

Abdulkadir said, “How did they even get uniforms to wear? If they are really mobilised to go and serve where did they get the corpers’ uniform to come and assemble before the office of the NYSC to say they are protesting that they want to go or will not go.”

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  1. odoma Nimat Reply

    d minister is talkig abt sacriface,God4bid me sacriface my life 4 9aija,how many of dem are ready die or sacriface dia life?God wil punish 4 ds statement

  2. Beloved Reply

    I don’t blame the minister when his children are nt involved.he need to be investigated hw can someone in his right mind insist dat corpers shud be posted to trobled state despite seurity reasons. NYSC shud be canceled .maybe it is youth dat he was ask to bring in his occultic world as sacrifice

  3. Princess Reply

    D minister is crazy. He should go for mental check-up. Bunch of fools

  4. Samuel Reply

    Minister u are a big fool…. So u need more christian blood to cleanse ur deserted land? Who even made dis nonentity a minister?

  5. abuabdqoyum Reply

    mr. Minister,i wasn’t surprise about ur statement,cos u nd ur boss were d same.ao many of u govt official ve pay an ordinary visit to trouble area talkless of staying there 4 some days?i know none of u ll go to riyom l.g. In jos till d crises end.u said somepple were sacrifice for civil war.ao many of ur family were there?u said constitution,but u can bend it or even turn it upside down if u wan to embezzle.

  6. temidayo olowoyeye Reply

    I think d minister needs psychatry treatment.How could he had said that NYSC should post graduates to troubled states when he and his boss GEJ could not even go there despite all the securities guiding them.If they need teachers let them employ not copper

  7. Abdul-wahab Reply

    Wat circumstances do we need to bend d constitn again dan involving killing of innocent ppl, mr. Minister. U said ppl sacrificed their lifes durin civil war nd there4 fresh blood 4rm skuls must also be ready to die wen u ar at ur comfort apartment nd ur children in europe. Mnister, ur secrete is out, u ar one of dem. I strongly belief.

  8. Nse Reply

    This goes a long way to show how irresponsive our leaders are to the plight of the masses. They insist we are practicing democracy and yet our opinion is not taking into consideration…not until this crop of leaders fall, we’ll never get it right.

  9. albert Reply

    the minister is stupid,he is drunk,let him send his children to trouble state first.even the president has never visited borne with all ps security details.pls if u are a copper never dream to go to the north. I served in bauchi and i no hw dangereous north his.you can get killed at anytime in the North.let the crazy minister go and serve is pple.

  10. ABIOLA Reply


  11. Inua eyen Reply

    Bokoharam r luking for ppl like u being top official,kindly go out n sacrifice for nigeria atleast u r old enuf n has attain certain height in naija,u hav eatn enuf of naija money n ur family is abroad,u cn die nw,may GOD nt 4gv u

  12. Joy kwuribe Reply

    It’s obvious dat those in govt ar seriously behind al dis killings. It doesnt even bother them bc they feel they ar nt involed. Wel, God wl certainly descend on al of dem dat wnts d wastage of our youths blood

  13. Success Reply

    I wonder why a mad man should be made a minister in Nigeria. No wonder we keep having problems in Nigeria. Nawa o.

  14. Shan Reply

    Let him run is mouth like tap. He want innocent corpers 2 die while is own children are abroad. God punish dem all.

  15. anchor Reply

    D minister should move his family ro pleateu or bornu if he really wants to sacrice , he’s really stupid 4 saying dis stuff!

  16. Godi Reply

    i want to ask a question? the nysc dont have right to say NO? what is the human right for, let dem sue the federal govt to court they will know that you people are serious,

    if the moslem wants surifice let dem use their people not the innocent onces,

    Minister cant you have human sympathy wetin, na thesame God create everybody oooo poverty nor be crime,

  17. Modupe Reply

    This minister is s**k upstairs, if not such words should not be coming from him. If corp members from there immediate and extended families should be posted there and leave others alone.

  18. Danchis Reply

    Evil Minister, devil incarnet, blood-shocking-demon, i cant blame u, i wil blame whoever that made u ocultic minister. Your plans wil not work for u dis season, u wil use your own blood to pay for your ocultic sacrifice, not the blood of glorious youths. Can u interprete d constitution? In short, u are a disappointment even your generation. Mad demon is beta than u. Useless man. This Boko Haram attack is not far from u, by ur statement, it is quit understood that u are d brain behind d Boko Haram. U are their leader. Mr president becareful b4 dis embecide wil bokoharam u in d office.oooo

  19. Ruthy Reply

    This is really a serious issue, how can innocent people be dying everyday, and it doesnt bother the socalled minister. If the Constitution has to be strictly followed in NYSC, why is it not strictly followed in protecting the lives of the citizens. See how heartless people (Boko haram) killing innocent people in their houses and yet the government has not done any justice to that. Honourable minister, can you sacrifice your life for this country? I can see that you have no feelings for humanity. I don’t blame you, is just that you are not affected that is why you can even said that. I say; Corpers should not be posted there. Enough of the shedding of innocent blood!

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