Bribery Scandal: Jagaba Threatens To Sue Lawan

Adams Jagaba Chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Drugs, Narcotics and Financial Crimes, Adams Jagaba, has threatened to take to court, the embattled former chairman of the ad- hoc committee on fuel subsidy management, Farouk Lawan , for dragging him into the cash-for-clearance scandal rocking the House.

He said if Lawan insist that the controversial bribe money was in his possession, he would be left with no option than to take legal action against Lawan, to get compensation.

Saying that his integrity is at stake, Jagaba recalled his own antecedence, as the former chairman of the House committee on anti-corruption in 2001 when he tabled N4.5m bribe money on the floor of the chamber.

Jabaga, however, maintained that he will never be involved in any act that runs contrary to national interest.

While stating that he first saw the letter purportedly written by Lawan on the pages of a newspaper and later at the Police headquarters, the lawmaker analysed the letter and pointed out the errors contained in it.

Jagaba said it was an attempt to destroy his reputation.

He said: “Farouk Lawan alleged that he wrote a letter to me attaching $500,000. That is callously untrue and in fact, calculated to smear my hard-earned reputation, a reputation I painstakingly built since 1999.

“I never received any letter, or money, or any other exhibit from Farouk Lawan.

“I saw for the first time the purported letter on a page of the Leadership Newspaper, page 6 of June 14, 2012; and the closest copy which I saw and touched, was the copy he presented to the Police Special Task Force investigating the bribery scandal, when I went there on July 10.

“I was invited by the Police STF while in South Africa attending the Commonwealth Parliamentary Association (Africa Region) Summit.

“When I returned to Nigeria, I went to the Police Force Headquarters on July 10 at about 11:00 am to give my own side of the story on the bribery scandal investigation and I spent precisely two hours with them.”

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  1. JOHN Reply

    Jabada all of you are birds of the same talk like this because Farok Lawal was indicted on the bribery allegation.You stay behind closed doors to share the lot.Stop all this anticts and admit to the $500,000 bribery allegation.You people in the house do not speak for the people of this country but rather speak for your pockets.If only one criminal is tried and jailed all this nonsence will stop.God bless Nigeria.

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