Abubakar Confirmed As Police IG

Mr. Mohammed Dikko Abubakar The Nigeria Police Council has on Thursday confirmed the appointment of Mohammed Abubakar as the substantive Inspector General of Police.

This was announced after the meeting of National Council of State which took place in Aso Rock Presidential Villa.

Abubakar, 53, was appointed in acting capacity as the IG in January this year by President Jonathan following the sack of the former Inspector General of Police, Afiz Ringim and the entire police management team.

The Presidency had described the appointment of Abubakar, as the “first step towards the comprehensive reorganisation and repositioning of the Nigeria Police Force to make it more effective and capable of meeting emerging internal security challenges.”

Born on May 5, 1958, Mr. Abubakar enlisted in the Nigeria Police Force on 30 July, 1979. He was the AIG in charge of Zone 12 Headquarters in Bauchi, before his new appointment.

Speaking to State House Correspondents shortly after the police council meeting presided over by President Goodluck Jonathan, Abubakar said:

“And today after my confirmation, I want to reassure Nigerians that I will do everything humanly possible and put in my best to ensure the safety and security of this country.

On what to expect from him, he said, “the first question is about crime and criminality notwithstanding whoever group, the issue is we have to checkmate the act of crime and criminality.

“We were aware of the situation before we came on board, when we came on board you are aware that police stations were being attacked, policemen were being killed, banks were being attacked, money were being stolen without any action taken.

“Today, the situation is different and you will see more action, you will see more vigour, you will see more efficiency and effectiveness in police service and performance.”

On the handling of the prosecution of a high ranking person of the National Assembly on the issue of corruption

“On the issue of high profile investigation we are on, is a case we have taken over. We initiated the case because I did say in all my pronouncements, that we shall fight bribery and corruption not only within the police service, but in this country, because we have a responsibility constitutionally to fight bribery and corruption and we shall do that.

“It’s an ongoing case and we have made successive progress on it, those who are suppose to give evidences and witnesses are on because you know, for you to prosecute a case of that nature, you need collaboration, therefore it’s ongoing.”

On handling of security situation in the Edo State governorship election on Saturday

“On the Edo election, because we believe in the fact that the election must be free, fair and credible and we must provide safety and security for voters to be assured that they can come out to cast their vote and discharge their social responsibility and that was why I was there personally, physically to be able to reassure members of the public that we shall do that.

“We have moved massively men and material to Edo State to be able to dominate Edo State to give them the required safety and security that they are suppose to have.

“I will not want to tell you what we have done because we cannot disclose our strategies and methodology of fighting crime and criminality and equally for the elections.”

On the issue of State Police

“I have always spoken about the State Police. We are not ripe for it now, politically and otherwise. And you do understand the fact that, take any state for example where a governor is to give instructions to the commissioner of police to do whatever the governor wants, the fact that governors are aware that they can give very lawful instructions that have to do with maintenance of law and order to their respective commissioners of police and they are duty bound to comply with such instructions, except where there is doubt, they have to clarify from the IGP and if the IGP has doubt, he has to clear with Mr. President.”

On how he intended to handle the issues of welfare

“Honestly, even when I took over as Acting IGP, I did mention that the welfare of officers and men is very paramount to me and that is why I made it a duty to go round to see my officers and men on ground, to see the challenges and the problems they face on a daily basis in policing this country. And every effort is on with Mr. President to ensure welfare of officers and men is paramount, is being looked into. As I am talking to you, even at the Police Council, they are looking at so many issues; issues of welfare that has to do with remuneration, barracks accommodation, office accommodation, transportation, everything you can think of.

“So, it’s a top agenda for me because I know particularly members of the rank and file, who definitely I know are the foot soldiers of the Nigeria police and they suffer every day and night, under the rain, anything you can think of, I’m very particular about them and we are doing everything to look at this issue. And that is why you can see the issue of uniform has come in.

“We are not just changing uniform because the issue of image is key and critical particularly in an organization like the Nigerian Police. Every country you go, the police is the symbol of government and the people of a country and that is what we want to replicate in this country.

“To build a people-friendly police force that will protect the people and protect Nigeria and Nigerians will be proud of it.”

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