Church Robbery In Broad Daylight Caught On Camera

Caught live on video in broad daylight was a robbery in progress inside the compound of Lighthouse Church located in the Industrial area of Nairobi where fifteen robbers armed with pistols stormed into the church compound and robbed believers as well as innocent passersby of their valuables.

The entire incident lasted at least half an hour. KTN Leo’s Purity Mwanbia reports:

lighthouse church robbery

  1. daniel Reply

    O shit this guys have no mercy no fear!

  2. Anne Reply

    No single fear of God again.Just imagine the hours this took place.No security alert.Rubbish!Only in Africa.Security men should have been alerted at least there were people inside the main church that should alerted the polce.

  3. Jaffy Reply

    Diz world is rili turnin into sumtim ealse,robery in a church,GOD TAKE CONTROL

  4. Omar Dillo Hassan Reply

    May God have mercy on them! What a pity! They have 2 seek 4 forgiveness n repent

  5. faruk Reply

    surely even if its stealing.let it nt be in church or place of worship.forgive them lord

    • irene ndegwa Reply

      i think the world is coming to an end. The same thing happened to soddom n gomorah,People were doing whatever their feel like god was angry n finish them with fire./

      • kevo Reply

        Amen to that dear! i love ur idea..

  6. Dorothy Reply

    Believers and intercessors, let’s pray for our churches in Kenya. They have been the target of robbery.

  7. winnie Reply

    the world is coming to an end…no fear of God anymore

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