LIVE UPDATES: Edo Governorship Election


INEC Nigeria: Edo state was formed 27 August 1991, when Benue State was split in Edo and Delta states.

Seven candidates are contesting the Edo state governorship election today.

They are:

Adams Aliyu Oshiomhole – Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN);

Solomon Edebiri – All Nigeria Peoples Party (ANPP);

Izevbuwa Roland – Congress for Progressive Change (CPC) – he announced he was stepping down for the ACN candidate days ago, but is still considered a candidate by the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Andrew A. Igwemoh – Labour Party (LP)

Paul Orumwense – National Conscience Party (NCP)

Charles E. Airhiarvbere – Maj. Gen. (rtd), Peoples Democratic Party (PDP)

Prince Frank Ukonga – Social Democratic Mega Party (SDMP).

Although the contestants are seven, the contest is clearly a straight fight between the ACN and the PDP candidates.

The ACN candidate is counting on his incumbency and popularityto overwhelm his PDP challenger. The PDP candidate, going into the contest as an underdog, will leverage on the support of his party which is the national ruling party.

The Nigeria Security and Civil Defense Corps has deployed 7,000 personnel to work with other security agents in Edo state today.

-Soldiers are seen patrolling on the streets of Benin restricting movements as its election day.

-Esan West LGA: INEC officials are yet to arrive at polling station Esan Grammar School road B, Ubierumu.

-Soldiers ensure that only passersby with voter cards pass through their blockades.

-Soldiers deployed are 3500, policemen undisclosed, civil service 7,000, SSS undisclosed.

-There will be 2,627 polling units, 1,555,776 eligible voters and 8,842 INEC officials in Edo state.

-Accreditation is now in progress.

Edo Governorship Election: INEC HOTLINES ARE 07098117563, 07098115592, 07098112685, 07098115257, 07098115583, 07098110916, 07098114865.

-Ward 7 Muka primary school, INEC officials present as at 8:30am and accreditation started already.

-Okunbo primary school ward 2, INEC officials and security absent. Alot of people are waiting

-Egbesan primary school ward 9, the process is going on fine, accreditation has started as at 8:35am

-Armed fierce looking military men just arrived at Ezonmo pry school ward 3.

-Some thugs came to Igbisa primary school to cause havoc but the security men intervened.

-No INEC official has arrived at Garrick Memorial Polling Center.

9:25 – Electoral materials still being expected in some polling units in Edo North.

9:27 – INEC officials just arrived at ward 11 and everthing is under control.

-For complaints, INEC numbers are: 07032492303, 08101774434

9:34 – INEC officials arrive polling unit at the institute of Continuing Education in Auchi but some cannot find their names in voter register. Late arrival of materials in other units.

9:38 – At Oriakhi Primary school, Iguoriakhi up hill, accreditation has started for 674 voters in the unit.

9:53 – Soldiers arrest teenage girls at Ring road in Edo state capital, Benin. Force them to sit on the floor.

10:00 – Resident Electoral Commissioner, Kassim Gaidam, urges voters to ‘vote and leave’ for security reasons

10:16 – INEC says an inadequate number of policemen is the reason some materials have not arrived at polling booths.

10:24 – At Usen, materials are yet to arrive. People are writing their names on pieces of paper.

– Oshiomhole printed fake voters cards, imported thugs, PDP says.

10:36 – At Iguobazuma, some units are almost through with accreditation

10:34 – No violence recorded anywhere so far, soldiers leisurely smoking at INEC office.

10:36 – Military also using helicopter for aerial surveillance.

10:41 – Accreditation finally starts at Garrick Memorial.

10:49 – INEC urges voters to be calm that inadequate security operatives is the reason why some PUs have not received voting materials.

10:55 – In Iguobazuwa, some SUVs are roving around centers with their plate numbers detached and glasses tinted.

11:03 – Soldiers have stopped vehicles moving between Oluk and Ekiadolor. Potential voters going back home.

11:23 – Accreditation is said to be ending by 12pm.

11:24 – Report says there are lots of boxes stuffed with PDP votes in Zavic hotel at Ikpoba Hill.

11:26 – Drama at Idia College, Benin as CP Femi Adenaike has a handshake with 5 thugs, saying, “We won’t fight today.”

11:35 – Registered voters reduced from over 300 to about 100 in a polling unit in Onwan West says Prof. Julius Ihonvbere, ACN leader.

11:45 – Agitation mounts over inability to find their names on voters register.

11:54 -Accreditation done at Idia college. Voting has begun at 11:54am

12:00 – It’s noon. Accreditation rounded up at some PUs

12:07 – Oshiomhole declares that as soon as he votes he would go to Benin to prevent Ed people from being disenfranchaised.

12:10 – Voters at a polling unit in ward 12, Oredo Local government Area accuse INEC of using fake register. 417

12:12 – PDP candidate Airhiavbere acrredited as immigration officials nab Togolese mercenary.

12:18 – Voters in Forestry, Benin insist that REC produce the original voters’ register as no pix in current one.

12:25 – ELection proper about to start at Oz primary school Igbesamwman Benin city.

12:27 – Voting about to commence in Igue-Saleh in Owan East.

In Ikaladeran primary school, Okada, only 386 voters accredited to vote. 1336 registered in the unit.

A Togolese machinery, Monday Asijolu, has been arrested and whisked away by immigration officials at Oba Akenzua Primary School, Uzebu.

12:35 – At Ogbe primary school, over 500 are on queue for accreditation and the process has been peaceful.

12:50 – INEC official tells voters at Oguola in Ikpoba-Okha that he’s not with ballot papers. Youths want to beat him up.

12:55 – Voters reporting and complaining of alleged fake INEC regiser with more names without pictures.

12:55 – Heavy presence of security personnel at the Garrick memorial nursery and primary school. 4 polling booths accreditation on.

1:03 – Threats of heavy rainfall at GRA, Benin as voters are casting votes.

1:03 – Disenfranchised voters at a polling unit in Garrick swear to prevent others from voting.

1:11 – At unit 12 ward 6 Oredo, Soldiers whisked away Oredo PDP chairman, says citizen reporter.

1:16 – Journalist Sunday Dare says observers have encircled an hotel with riggers from Kogi, and asked the military to make them incommunicado

1:14 – Some of the electorates protesting at Garrick memorial, saying they must vote as they are unable to find their names.

1:18 – Security men scamper for safety at Ebenezer Primary school, off Ihama road, as 300 ‘missing voters’ are revolting.

1:22 – INEC has advised eligible voters to ask for a supplementary register if they can’t find their names on the list.

1: 23 – Citizen reporter says over 100 names missing on voters register at unit 035 Itohan Grammer school, Sapele road.

1:30 – Adams Oshiomhole says he’s lost faith in what Prof. Attahiru Jega and INEC is doing in Benin city.

1:34 – Voting has commenced at Ukpenu Primary school, Ekpoma.

1:40 – Two election observers, Scot Igbene from EIE Nigeria and Chinedu with CLEEN Foundation have been arrested at Irrua.

1:44 – INEC says it gave the 7 contesting political parties a soft copy of the voters register on the 14th of June.

1:46 – INEC officials have said result will be called as soon as voting ends.

1:48 – Stand-off at Garrick as voters insist on using list from Presidential elections, and DIG on ground says, “use this one”

Governor Adams Oshiomhole said INEC has failed:

“They did not plan to bring out the voting materials on time and as we speak in Oredo Local government area, Benin City and Egor local government area, the heart of Benin City, materials have not arrived at majority of the polling booths after 11 am. At the New Era college upper mission road, they brought fake voters register different from the one the people registered with,” the governor was quoted as saying in a statement signed by his Chief Press Secretary, Peter Okhiria.
“if the accreditation is expected to stop by 11am or 12 noon, it is past 11 now and there are no materials in some polling booths. It then means Prof. Atahiru Jega and INEC have no plans to conduct election.
“The whole idea is to frustrate the people so that they will not be able to vote, and they will declare a fake result,” he added.

2:00 – PDP says Comrade Adams Osiomhole’s condemnation is hasty.

2:04 – It is raining in parts of Edo State. Voting at PU 12/12/02/008 is orderly while the situation at PU12/12/02/009 is rowdy.

2:09 – Voters protesting at Garrick Memorial Primary School, where Edo PDP candidate, Charles Airhiavbere, is registered.

2:10 – Voters are screaming ‘Jega, We must vote”

2:15 – Cases of voters without card rampant.

2:20 – Voting started late in Iruekpen, but INEC officials say they will stop it at a time they won’t reveal despite the crowd.

2:25 – Comrade Adams Oshiomhole says “We will go to court, we will fight it out this time.”

2:33 – The PDP also called on INEC to showcase its neutrality and ensure that the will of the people prevails in the polls.

2: 46 – Citizen reporter says there is fighting in Ikoha polling unit in Ugbogui ward Ovia Douth West Local Govt Area.

2:48 – Edo state Governor, Adams Oshiomhole has left his hometown, Iyamho, for the state capital, Benin, in a convoy, after casting his vote.

Unconfirmed report says two policemen have died after a boat carrying INEC officials and election materials capsized earlier today.

3:02 – After voting, activists are waiting behind at the polling units. They say “Protect our votes”


3:16 – Soldier incapacitates reporter, seizes his phone.

3:17 – PDP candidate, Charles Airhiavbere, votes at 3:55pm, vows to win in “free and fair way.”

3: 27 – Soldiers releases arrested observers.

3:30 – Ikimi alleges political parties bought off voters’ card from some people.

3:34 – Counting of votes begin in Ozuala Primary school voting centre, Ovia South West.

NOTE: Low turnout appears common throughout. Even those that turned up have their names missing from register.

3:40 – Votes hang Arouca centres as counting continues at Ozuala Primary school voting centre, Ovia South West.

Oshiomhole Lashes Out Against INEC

Governor of Edo State, Comrade Adams Oshiomhole, has expressed resentment over INEC’s handling of accreditation of voters in Oredo local government area. He lashed out at the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) for attempting to subvert the governorship poll of today.

In particular, Oshiomole stated to press: “Any attempt to declare a fraudulent result will be the beginning of the end. I called Jega one and half months ago and complained of plots to manipulate results. He kept reassuring me. There are areas in Oredo where over 500 registered and materials did not arrive until 12 noon when accreditation ought to have ended. Now the materials arrived late, and they stopped accreditation at 1pm. It means only 10 per cent of the people will vote for me. This is very shameful. This is only one state, and INEC is wobbling. It is a shame. I told Jega he cannot vouch for his lieutenants. At Oredo only 200 on the list and only 50 accredited. From INEC office is 10 minutes drive to the polling booths but they keep saying materials arrived ate.”

Also at the voting center encompassing unit 18, 19, 20 and 21 where the PDP candidate was earlier accredited today voters have become agitated and disorderly holding the electoral officers there hostage over registration irregularities of voters.

3:48 – Polic PRO Frank Mba confirms the death of 3 Policemen as a boat capsized carrying INEC officials at Ologbo.

3:50 – PDP is reportedly leading.

3:56 – Voting under the rain at Ukpenu pry sch, Ekpoma.

4:00 – Woman causes confusion at polling center after seeing ACN’s broom.

4:02 – PDP accuses ACN of buying voter cards and intimidating voters with billboard of candidate.

4:04 – Sunday Dare: Rigging on at Makson hotel near airport road, soldiers just left the hotel with ballot boxes stuffed with PDP votes.

4:19 – According to INEC, women constitute the majority percentage of voters in Edo state at 55% while the men constitute 45%

4:22 – Election results: ward 2, Unit 003 Ebenezer primary school Ihama road Benin: ACN 126, ANPP 3, PDP 24

4:26 – At Unit 14, Ward 10 Oza Primary school, Oredo LGA, ACN 129, PDP 35. Unit 018, ACN 14, PDP 35. Unit 12, ACN 121, PDP 19. Unit 16 ACN 131 PDP 23

4:28 – ACN wins at Unit 4 ward 2 Oredo LGA: Result: ACN 388, ANPP 0, CPC 1, PDP 54

4:42 – Uselu Ward 1 Unit 10 Egor LGA: ACN 65 PDP 6, Others Nil

4:50 – ACN wins at Unit 35 Ward 2, Uroma Primary school. GRA Oredo LGA: ACN 216, ANPP 2, PDP 18

4:53 – ACN wins at Iguoshodin nigbemaba uni in Ovia North East LGA: ACN 232, PDP 5, ANPP 0

4:56 – Iguododo in Orhionmwon ACN 484, PDP 4

5:00 – PU 12/126/20 (Oredo/New Benin i/New Benin II) Result: ACN 144, PDP 30, CPC 1, ANPP 0

5:02 – Oredo: Unit 05, ward 02 Oredo LGA: ACN 282, ANPP 4, PDP 55

5:04 – PU 12/1205/002 Results: ACN 244, ANPP 03, CPC 02, PDP 11, NCP Nil

5:07 – PU 12/126/27 Results: ACN 199, PDP 30 while the rest are nil

5:14 – Tension in George Idah Pry sch, Oredo LGA over refusal of PDP agane in unit 4 to sign the results sheet.

5:23 – Refusal to sign result sheet at Oredo LGA: Soldiers have been called in to help resolve the dispute.

5:26 – Refusal to sign result sheet: PDP agent said to be missing, youths mount vigil that agent must sign to authenticate result

6:54 – Ujolem community in Esan wse 7 unit 14, AC 215, PDP 128

INEC resident Electoral Commissioner, Lassim Gaidam, has announced the end of voting accross Edo state.

8:45 – Confirmed results from polling Units so far ACN 26,960. ANPP 701. CPC 99. PDP 3,990. Labour 6. SDMP 7 – Babasola Kuti

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    Security men should be mor concious cos there is notin people deceive people can not do. Anyway acn ll emerge winner cos God has sealed it

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    Inec should make sure that this election is free and fair because if any inect staff too k bribe and rig this election know that you have opened road for civil war in edo state because we are tired of Pdp, adams has won already give him,

    if u go take bribe change am hahahahahaha nor be dance wey u dance go u go dance come back oooo just know.

    we dont want to fall into the hand of pdp again because is hell on earth, we can see example what is our president doing about the security problem?Nothing, see that mental minister sending nysc to northern state? if the people of north can not embrace peace is not the blood of the youth they will use,

    A dog can not give birth to goat so Pdp is thesame.

    Adams oshomule i hail ooooooooooooooooooooooo we appreciate your hand work keep it up,

    if you can come for the 3rd term it will be better, the road is opened.

    People of edo state was in slavery the time of pdp adams came and bring us out so we can not go back again.

    i have a comfirmed info that pdp have started buying voters 15.000
    so what do we need again to show that they are no were to be found.

    there is a parable that say HEAD THAT WILL BECOME A KING NOTHING CAN HOLD HIM BACK, Adams nothing do you carry go.


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