Prophet T.B Joshua Allegedly Prophesies Death On 2go and Facebook

By Dailypost
Prophet TB Joshua NOTE: Prophet TB Joshua Ministries has debunked this!!! Click HERE to read.

Prophet T.B. Joshua, the founder of the Lagos-based Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN) was on Monday quoted to have prophesied mass death of 2go mobile chat and Facebook users this week?

The prophesy, we learnt from the revered cleric says that witchcraft will take over the social networks and spread demons this week.

It would be recalled TB Joshua once prophesied about plane crash, Chelsea’s UEFA Champions League victory, President Yar’ Adua’s death, which all eventually came to pass.

His late prophecy has since generated big fear among the social network users as many who wouldn’t want to die refused to login into their accounts.

All efforts made to confirm this rumour were fruitless as the prophet is yet to make any comment on it.

NOTE: Prophet TB Joshua Ministries has debunked this!!! Click HERE to read.

  1. hrh Reply

    No weapons formed against us shall prosper even during and after the pagan olympics

  2. Promise okereke Reply

    No comment

  3. Salihu Reply

    I seek refuge in ALLAH from the accursed devil.

  4. Edikan62 Reply

    No weapon fashion against me shall prosper. Amen

  5. faith nicholas Reply

    this is a very reveling and life safe saving message.tank god bless,

  6. Kamaldeen Reply

    Oh gosh. Thus lie is damn interesting. Was online for the whole of yesterday and like wise today, i am safe and sound. 2go death koo, 2go live nii

  7. BeezyBlaze Reply

    See…ma LORD GOD is alwayz ma sides….and His Angels guilding and Protecting Me Against Physical or Spiritual Attackz….!!THANK YOU JESUS!!

  8. Reply

    any power planning to kill 2go n Facebook users, shall get sudden obituary IJN. Bcs I dnt just Undastnd this

  9. Ayorinde tobi Reply

    Infact i cant just blieve ow people tuk d rumour so serious i logd im 2 2go 2day d highest no of friends i met are just 4

  10. whether be Reply

    I don’t fall for jokes……..nice try

  11. whether be Reply

    I don’t fall for jokes……..nice try

  12. cephas Reply

    This is serious

  13. Rofhiwa Reply

    Is this story true or is a fect

  14. Emmanuel Reply

    TB Joshua Ministries SOCIAL NETWORK PROPHECY RUMOUR Emmanuel! Our attention has been drawn to a rumour currently circulating around the internet concerning a prophecy supposedly given by Prophet T.B. Joshua about a calamity that would befall users of social networks on Wednesday 18th July 2012. We wish to categorically state that there is NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER in this rumour and Prophet T.B. Joshua NEVER gave such a prophecy. The prophecies of Prophet T.B. Joshua are broadcast live on Emmanuel TV and subsequently posted on our official website. We should be very careful not to misquote a servant of God. The person spreading this rumour is an impostor. Remember, the Bible says in John 8:44 that satan is ‘the father of lies’.

  15. beanie bee Reply

    If this man can prophesy bout ppl dying on social networks then it also means he can tell us bout the rise of the anti-christ too…

  16. Gifty Reply

    this is not true. u can confirm this at his website (T.B Joshua’s Ministry). this is the work of imposters

    • Babangida moh'd wakili faguji Reply


  17. uche divine Reply

    You will only be remembered for two things. The problems you solve or the ones you create.

    • Babangida moh'd wakili Reply

      When i was in faguji town, Giade LG, of bauchi state, i tryed my best to contact on a particular problem, but i have no time.

  18. sk barry Reply

    In God we trust

  19. Martin Reply

    I think these r jst lies about da sevent of god…..there is no wapon formed against us that shall prosper in jesus name, only 2 us who believes in christ

  20. tonde losso Reply

    guyz satan is rulin,so we ought to becareful

  21. Darkside Reply

    Tb joushua is purely a fake…i waz online on facebook,2go,twiter and nufin hapnd.let him stop decievin pple ol in d name pf prophesies.NONSENSE

  22. Gift Reply

    Pls dnt judge him God kns best

  23. Babangida m wakili faguji Reply

    Many thanks to you, and wishing you an excellent success

  24. Anonymous Reply

    No two prophets can speak at the same has reachied a time that all false prophets are being exposed.the Lord is very angry but thanks because His people are eventually being set free by the destruction of the false prophets and their the Messiah is coming.shalom

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