TB Joshua Ministries Debunk ‘Death On 2go and Facebook Prophecy’

Prophet TB Joshua TB Joshua Ministries has dismissed a rumour currently making rounds on social media that Prophet T.B. Joshua, the founder of the Lagos-based Synagogue Church of All Nation (SCOAN) prophesied mass death of 2go mobile chat and Facebook users this week.

The rumour, which states that witchcraft will take over the social networks and spread demons this week, has since generated big fear among social network users as many who wouldn’t want to die refused to log into their accounts.

Below is the response of the ministry:


Our attention has been drawn to a rumour currently circulating around the internet concerning a prophecy supposedly given by Prophet T.B. Joshua about a calamity that would befall users of social networks on Wednesday 18th July 2012.

We wish to categorically state that there is NO TRUTH WHATSOEVER in this rumour and Prophet T.B. Joshua NEVER gave such a prophecy.

The prophecies of Prophet T.B. Joshua are broadcast live on Emmanuel TV and subsequently posted on our official website. We should be very careful not to misquote a servant of God. The person spreading this rumour is an impostor. Remember, the Bible says in John 8:44 that satan is ‘the father of lies’.

  1. Samuel Reply

    You people should stop lie 4 T.B JOSHUA

  2. Abraham musukwa Reply

    bt sm pipo.l hd a big filin dat de stry was fails.tank for dat coz am nw bck n actin

  3. wandoo Reply

    smtyms i wonda y smppl v dcid nt 2 mind thier own busyns,sm say his miracles r fake,sm say his miracles r real bt d power is nt pure.ah!n i ask,hw did d persn knw hw fake or real d man of God is?May God 4giv dem!

  4. wandoo Reply

    i evn logon dt same day bt am alive uptil 2day,i knw 4 sure dt if u bliv or v d fear dt smtin wil hpn 2 u,it surely will!

  5. eny Reply

    obedience, they say is better than sacrifice

  6. monday Reply

    TB Joshua is fake, and stop talking nonsense, don’t ask me any question, to hell with you/

  7. KOLADE Reply


  8. henrymichaelmwakyusa Reply

    Man of GOD shalom please play for our family and our parent my father michaelmwakyusa my mother kisamwakyusa were 3 children the first was was become from step mother who is name is albert m mwakyusa and two of us we belong to our mother our names are noah m mwakyusa and henry m mwakyusa were coming from tanzania.My dady is not have specific job he need a job and he want us to study hard they do not have enough money for ther benefity and for us they want up to sell the house which were staying please and please man of god play for us and me albert noah henry were sturding please man of god play for our family ingod we trust TOGHETHER WE SAY EMMANUEL

  9. Fanen Amozua Reply

    For god so love the world that he gave his only begotten son that who so ever believe in him should not perish but have everlasting life.!!!


    I here declear dat TB Joshua is the best b/cos God say who is bleive in him shall well save so dont say wat is not gud,TB Joshua blieve in GOD so he is bleesed i am a muslim and i lov who blieve in word of GOD.THAMK U ALL MAY GOD ALMIGHTY BLEESED H


    My name is Ogirima Abubakar from kogi state okene,i lov u TB Joshua and pray for me in the name of GOD AMIN THANK U GOD

  12. lanti reggie tsongoro Reply

    Tb joshua you are a real man of god.I remember watching one of your church service it was not a live service, u picked a woman who was demon possed when she came to you she said”joshua you are a really man of god,how did u find me noone is able to find me but you found me,i’m talking to u Joshua.” From that day i started to believe that god is really using you, keep up the good work and remember to pray for me.

  13. Tinotenda Rambanepasi Reply

    Tb Joshua is a real man of God.

  14. Anonymous Reply

    Love u Tb joshua pls pray fr me man of God to get a permant job n my own place @ all the disease in my body in the name of Jesus Amen

  15. Anonymous Reply

    abigial kwubiri frm umuahia pastor i enjoy ur massage,moat expecially telling me dat when chanllenges cum my way,i should not run from rather i should run to God pls pray for me for healing i touch the screen by faith but i still need ur prayers

  16. Anonymous Reply

    I may be young I may not know much of life but you TB Joshua already taught me so many things in life, you have taught me the Truth, to have Faith and to belive in Jesus fully heartedly, And indeed you proved that there is peace in his powerful name.. Thank You Man of God. May he continue to bless you

  17. Anonymous Reply

    ur a realy a teacher,GOD bless u

  18. Anonymous Reply

    my name is Ruth Aniekan Brown,man of God u r excellent in d wrk of God,i pray may God continue to bless you,but i need you to pray for me.Thanks

  19. Anonymous Reply

    PSakambimbi frm Zambia 26 sept 15 T.B Joshua you are truly a man of God at God’s time everything luks so beautiful

  20. Anonymous Reply

    In the name of Jesus christ we pray

  21. Anonymous Reply

    This is Benard from zambia u are truly a gud father, my mentor u have taught me alot in my ministry n life all i pray for God to continue blessing u n yo ministry i hop to c u soon..

  22. Anonymous Reply

    Chat conversation start
    4 FEBRUARY 22:59
    Emmanuel I want to say hi man of God TB Joshua I really love u and love what u done every single day I believe it million/100,my name is karake faustin I live in England for 5yrs I got many thinks to tell you I need help of ur prayers my life is in danger very danger, 1st I hv been here no paper to live in UK I got no sports,I got no job,I got no wife,no kids,I’m sick I can’t go hospital,I smok a lots,I drinkin , I thinkin to much, I hate my life at the moment , prophet please I need ur help I don’t know what to say to you please help man of God,thanks for your help
    Delivery me please man of God
    6 FEBRUARY 06:38
    I’m still waiting for your help please man of God
    Chat conversation end

  23. Anonymous Reply


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