Don’t Divide Nigeria, ACF Leader Tells Oritsejafor

Ayo Oritsejafor National Vice- Chairman of the Arewa Consultative Forum, Senator Joseph Waku, has described as “reckless”, comments credited to the National President of the Christian Association of Nigeria, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, before the United States Congress’ Subcommittee on Africa, Global Health and Human Rights chaired by Mr. Christopher Smith.

Oritsejafor had asked that Boko Haram should be classified as a terrorist organisation.

He warned that if the CAN President was not called to order by Christians, his comments could further divide the country along ethnic and religious lines.

The ACF leader in a statement on Wednesday in Abuja, said by now, Oritsejafor, should represent the country well wherever he found himself.”

He said, “Some of us who are equally Christians need to caution Oritsejafor to stop hiding under his leadership of CAN to make reckless statements that can further divide the country along ethnic and religious lines as well as damage our image abroad.

“It is because Oritsejafor has been allowed to make these reckless statements at home unchecked, that he is now so emboldened to take his personal agenda and campaign of calumny being executed with the name of CAN to the international arena.

“That Oritsejafor could go before a US congress committee to make a case against the Nigerian government position on the Boko Haram debacle is unfortunate and condemnable.

“This is because the ultimate consequence of his action will not only affect a section of the country, but the entire nation, its economy and the free movement of its citizens across countries of the world.”

He warned that if the CAN president would not stop rolling such comments on sensitive national issues, “some of us in the Christian fold will be helping him by replying him before he succeeds in creating a different impression about Christianity to other religions.”


  1. nikky Reply

    waka or whatever he calls himself should go and sit down. What single act or word had he perform or spoken for the interest of christians. Our CAN leader is speaking the minds of all christians God will surely bless him for that. Besides, i think Nigeria hv failed as a state and i think it will exist stronger and more better if its divided into 6 geo political zones under one umbrella(Nigeria)

  2. 'deji Reply

    Senator Joseph Waku must be high on a very cheap dope! Where has Pastor Oritsajafor erred? So Boko Haram is a philanthropic organization? Eh?
    This Senator should stop pouting nonsense through his backside.

  3. Matthewakpoghorie Reply

    Sen. Waka or waku plz if 2 u ,Boko n Ram is a voluntary org. Pls b free 2 join. Dnt eva insult d ( CAN ) presdnt again. Shey u hear oga

  4. Iheanyi Reply

    Waku is an idiot and a mad man.

  5. AbdulFattah Reply

    Oritsayor is working for his pay master – American who has predicted to divide Nigeria before 2025. American is doing that through CIA sponsoring the Boko Haram. He is an enemy within. I wish the Christians who want peace should not allow him to mislead them.

  6. onome Reply

    d country shuld be divided wit out futher delay.

  7. ademighty Reply

    Sen. Waku is nothing but a mere sponsor to the Boko Haram Group…How can he e er complain about what the CAN president has said about Boko Haram..Foolish senator who shouldn’t have smell post in his life

  8. simony Reply

    Listen guyz,in fairness 2 oristejafor as a person,leave CAN OR JNI out of dis.first,jni said BH is nt representin dia interest,islam is always said 2b a religion of peace.may b sinz it seems d govt cannot do anytin he has tot of a way out.rmemba somtymz bck d govt said bh r fazles terrorist,or r dey nw presure group lyk NLC,TUC ETC WIT OFFICE ADDRESS & CONTACT ETC.?lets call a spet-a-spet,alquaeda was declared & nw dey r facing out gradually.sinz no syd allign itself wit dem dt might hv informed his action.

  9. Oke Reply

    People like Waku or whatever he calls himself, should be ashamed. I am shocked that he is a christian. He has being in the Country and has not being able to put up a word for the christians in the last two years, he now comes out to attack the CAN President who is telling the truth. The types of Waku who are neither hot nor cold, who benefit illegally from government funds and largesse, are the type that has kept Nigeria as a cripple after 51 yrs. We are behind the CAN President. Waku is talking because some of them are benefitting from the caotic situation, some of them even promote caos. Waku is a terrible hypocrite who wants to be in the good books of these men. I am ashamed of you.

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