Controversy In Oyo As Lawmakers’ Wives’ Travel To UK To Learn ‘How To Cook For Their Husbands’

wives of Oyo Legislators There have been several criticisms and reactions from various groups and the public in Oyo state following alleged approval of extravagant spending of public fund on a trip to London, United Kingdom (UK) by the Speaker of the state House of Assembly, Monsurat Olajumoke Sunmonu and wives of members of the House of Assembly.

Sunmonu is in the British capital with a retinue of aides, some principal officers of the House and the spouses of her 31 colleagues in the Assembly for eight days training on ‘Husband Support.’

The training sessions ends today, when a final lecture will be delivered and certificates issued.
Report says they are being accommodated in Custom House Hotel, London, while the Speaker was said to have led the women on a shopping spree in Peckham. According to reports, the hotel where they were lodged is about £100 per night, with 10 nights paid per person, making £1,000.

The trip, which was allegedly gulping N50 million of taxpayers money, came shortly after the return of the state legislators from another trip to South Africa over a week ago.”

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) condemned the trip, describing it as “a waste of Oyo State’s resources. The party noted that: “On hotel accommodation alone, over £50,000 will be spent on this trip that has no single benefit to the people of Oyo State.”

In a statement, the party’s zonal Publicity Secretary, Mr Kayode Babade, said it was laughable that the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Government in Oyo State would send wives of House of Assembly members to London for training on “Husband Support.”

“If we may ask; is it in our constitution to send wives or husbands of House of Assembly members on courses, especially outside the country? Were they voted for?

wives of Oyo Legislators

“In the opinion of Governor Ajimobi, what benefit is Oyo State and its people going to derive from this jamboree on which over N50 million tax payers money is being spent?” Also, the spokesman for for former governor of the state, Otunba Adebayo Alao Akala, Mr. Dotun Oyelade, termed the jamboree a “reflection of the decadence in the present administration in the state.

  1. Shittu Adeola Reply

    This is rubbish

  2. olamide Reply

    cant stop laughing at these morons

  3. Yk Reply

    Senseles women in power. They neva dreamt of uk in their lives dats why.

  4. Switness A. Reply

    White man sabi cook soup like, ewedu, afam, ogbono, edikaikon, ekon… Indeed dis are another set of morons they ought 2 b ashame of themselves.

  5. goldie Reply

    PDP guys should not even talk, is it because dis present govt displayed their folly + corruptn? Dese women too posed in front of d camera wt deir bags for what traing? Some1 has rightly said it, dey neva thought dey’ll eva go travel out in deir lives….dumb set of ppl…:/

  6. Akin Reply

    No Comment!!Bstards…..

  7. nikky Reply

    arrant nonsense. `Omo aijobe ri tin japo saya niwon` dey want to tour round where they can never reach in their life befre their tenure finish

  8. Emeka Reply

    I said it from beginning that Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) led administration will not be better than PDP after all.
    People do make mistake by using what Gov. Fashola of Lagos State and Gov. Oshomole of Edo State to judge ACN performance.
    What is happening in these states should be taken on individual bases. Fashola and Oshomole are not politicians
    hence they are doing what they doing and this is not going down well with asiwaju. The same Oyo State that could
    not pay its workers the eighteen thousand naira minimum wage are now lavishing whooping N50 million for useless
    training. Where is Lai Mohammed,had it been PDP, his mouth would have been running like a tap.

  9. Samuel Ugwi Reply

    Dis is a very high level of mismanagement of tax payers money&de impunity of de government.Dis is why de citizenry becoms disgruntled&we are havin civil unrest/war here&dere. Ppl are hungry,witout job/home&basic infrastructures. Why de government loot,lavish&mismanage our resources. A poor man wil spend years forgotten in a prison for stealin a phone while our govt&reps wil steal millions&billions in dollars&nothin gets done to dem. It pains me dat dey are not de 1s bein bombed instead its u&i. Dey’re de 1s cossin dis problems for u&i.

  10. Isa Reply

    Our problem is not only that of party, but in leadership personality.. We shd start looking for personality of Gen Buhari at all level. Tested discipline personalities

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