Soldiers Go Wild In Lagos After Fashola’s ‘Humiliation’ Of Colonel

Irate soldiers during the attack on taskforce officials in Lagos, yesterday. Soldiers went wild yesterday and attacked officers of the Lagos State Taskforce on Environmental and Special Offences (Enforcement) Unit at Yaba area of Lagos, Southwest Nigeria.

This might not be unconnected with the ‘humiliation’ of an Army Colonel by Governor Babatunde Fashola on Tuesday for driving on BRT lane.

The soldiers attacked the taskforce officials with bottles and stones and used knife to puncture two tyres of the Black Maria used in conveying offenders.

Trouble started on Murtala Muhammed Way, Yaba close to an Army barracks when the taskforce officials, who were on patrol to ensure smooth flow of traffic, spotted a commuter bus parked in the middle of the road and obstructing traffic.

The tasforce officials were said to have  accosted the driver but a soldier who was sitting in the bus collected the key from the driver to prevent the taskforce officials from taking the bus away.

The soldier was said to have called for reinforcement from the 81 Division barracks and within minutes, several soldiers trooped out from the barracks and began to haul stones and other dangerous missiles at the taskforce officials.

Some of the soldiers were said to be making unsavoury remarks about the governor for daring to arrest and humiliate an Army Colonel on Tuesday and decided to vent their anger on the taskforce officials.

As the situation worsened, the taskforce also called for a reinforcement.

It was in the heat of the clash that the tyres of the Black Maria were torn with knife and deflated.

An eye witness said a top military officer, a Lieutenant, allegedly ordered his boys to abduct some of the taskforce officials and take them to the barracks.

Calm was restored when a senior taskforce official intervened and asked his boys to beat a retreat.

Taskforce Chairman, Bayo Sulaiman confirmed the attack on his men and described it as an affront on the state government for soldiers to vandalise government vehicle.

He said it was wrong for soldiers to attack taskforce officials on legitimate duty with stones and other dangerous weapons.

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  1. Yk Reply

    Barbaric attitute in my country. Everybody is ill mannered in nigeria

  2. Pollie Reply

    U see, the problems of this country are many. But since we’re on about the soldiers now, let’s tackle the matter head-on. What do you expect of an unworthy group of people whose sole [personal] interests in life supersedes the over all national interest? They’re mostly illiterate and ill-mannered. They find relevance and expression only in their uniform. Take that away from them and they’re as intellectually and emotionally “naked” as they’d been been at birth. Phew, the only good soldier is a kind one. If he isn’t kind and considerate & ready to put in the effort at helping the helpless civilian, he’s better off decapitated.

  3. David Reply

    Those soldiers that assaulted the Lagos state task force must be arrested and dismisse out of service. Nigeria can no longer accomodate hoodlums in the army

    • Gankpang Worom Reply

      You go and catch them and dismiss them by your power.

  4. albert Reply

    dat is wat we are saying,soldier or conel or be you anybody,the law should prevail irrespective of your status in the soceity,even fasola himself always hookup in hold up fasola keep it tellin you because of your Good work you don’t know how popular you are in this country.i look forward for the day you become the president of this country.Nigerians is going to vote for you massively as they have done for this failure Jel.

    • Gankpang Worom Reply

      That is Fashola. A soldier is a soldier anywhere in the world. If they do not behave that way, then they are not different from you bloody civilians, who do not know your right from your left.

  5. fello Reply

    What a confirmation of the fact that Nigeria is truly

  6. Papa Reply

    Mr reporter,pls Nigerians needs objective and balanced reports on national issues so that they can make their contribution towards correction. Pls let us be careful and handle our security challenges head-long.

  7. Emeka Reply

    Nigerian soldiers are the most undisciplined in the world. It is a shame, there is absolutely nothing that soldiers will not get
    themselves involved. There are being used on pure civil matters and they will sheepishly go.They display their strength on
    on defenseless civilians, yet insecurity is the order of the day God please sent us help from heaven.

    • Gankpang Worom Reply

      You are talking this way because you failed recruitment 5 times. You were found to unfit to belong to this noble and worthy profession of the proud elites. It is a profession for the brave and courageous.

  8. rosasa Reply

    It is unfortunate that instead of Fashola to face other important state matters,it is humiliating of Senior military officer that he want to deub into. What he want to start i am sure he will not be able to handle it. I must say that this action is a negative popularity Mr Fasola. ‘Be careful’ that is my honest advice.

    • tony Reply

      @rosasa, did u even read btw D̶̲̥̅̊ lines at all?

    • Gankpang Worom Reply

      Thank you my brother. Tell him to be careful because no one tangles with soldiers and remains unhurt. he should stop playing to the gallary and face his work. Tomorrow he will say he was busy arresting soldiers that was why he could not work for Lagosian.

  9. mimi Reply

    @ Rosasa u r a big fool

  10. Jerry boy Reply

    everybody is commenting now bcos a military offr is involved, wen police harrsaed n detain innocent citizens non of u has d guts 2go 2d station 2protest, with d bunch of thieves we av in d house of rep, govt, ministers, n d senate who dosnt tink of anything gud 4nigerians dan dere pockets in dis democratic set up, i smell a coup n we ll c who ll laugh last soonest, d senate ar busy defending lawan while jonathan is defending Arunma Oteh wat a democratic set up indeed.

    • Gankpang Worom Reply

      Tell them that the soldier boys are watching with kin interest.

  11. Ola Reply

    What those soldier did was wrong nd barbaric to the taskforce.

    • Gankpang Worom Reply

      They should do more! Nonsense!

  12. Mohammed awal Reply

    for now what we are dealing with is the fact that a senior military officer disobeys the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and we must say no to this and any form of barbaric action,whether from the military, the police, the paramilitary,the legislative,the judiciary, the executive and so on. What is important is that we must all learn to obey the law irrespective of who we may think we are, if we want this country to move forward.

  13. Abu'ummulkhairi suleiman Reply

    Mr.bankpang,u commented about the sunnah what i now want to tell u is,u should mind ur self about islam & muslims.

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