Woman I Met In Church Cleaned Out My House

Church. Photo: iconspedia Jotham Moyo (59) who is a Christian was tricked into a love affair by a fellow worshiper who later robbed him of his property in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Moyo had been proposed to by church mate Nomsa Ngwenya aged 44 at a church event. Moyo says Ngwenya gave her a lustful eye during a service meant for single patents.

“As an adult I realised that she was interested in me. She then sent her young sister with the proposition and after second thought I gave in as I felt am a lucky man.

“She later moved in with me” said Moyo. However, tragedy was in store. “The devil is really at work and the belief that one would find a decent woman in church is a myth.

“I could not believe my eyes when I returned from work and discovered that my house was empty as Ngwenya had vanished with the property,” said Moyo.

When he tried to contact her through her mobile phone, the device was switched off. Even her sister has no clue where she is” narrated a dejected a Moyo. He now says it was difficult for him to file a police case as “it was against his church doctrine”.

He refused to identify his church. NewsdzeZimbabwe

  1. Gospel NwaJesus Reply

    In church everybody behaves,so guys take coverooooooo,but u wey go church find women go,nawaoooooo,wen u wan repent self?

    • Corina Reply

      Gospel NwaJesus …

      What you said is so true. No every church-goer is who they really are in reality. Guess this world is going from bad to worse and when the ‘worst’ hit the list, I pray that God has come back to take me home. Blessed day to you.

  2. Anicho Okoro Reply

    I will blame Moyo on one hand and also blame Nomsa on the other hand.
    1. Moyo: how could you allow a woman to propose to you, more to that with the eye. Do you know that that is lust. In African tradition, women do not propose to men. It is men who propose to women. Also, are you sure you are a real born again Christian? Because a true born again christian will not go any length in making any engagement without the knowledge of his Pastor.
    2. Nomsa: she look’s like an agent of the devil sent to the church to destroy God’s church, if she knows what is good for her let her return everything she has stolen in Moyo’s house. Let her also repent, go to your Pastor and plead for forgiveness, that is for disgracing God’s Church and the Christian community.

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