Christians In Kaduna Storm Mosque, Eat Solidarity Ramadan “Breakfast” With Muslims

By SaharaReporters

A source in Ungwar Sarkin Musulmi, which houses the famous Sultan Bello Mosque, has disclosed that about 50 Christian young men last night stormed the mosque and in furtherance of the Muslim Ramadan, broke the Ramadan fast with Muslim youths as part of ongoing efforts to strengthen unity, peace and coexistence between both faiths in the troubled State of Kaduna.Ramadan in Nigeria

The source said that there was consternation when the Christians arrived premises of the Mosque and proceeded to meet their hosts,and after exchanging pleasantries participated in ending the Ramadan fasting for the day as Muslims in the Mosque watched.

The leader of the Christians, Obadiah Dijji, according to the source said that they decided to visit the historic Mosque and break fast with their Muslim friends due to many reasons.

He said, “Christianity is not a violent religion and does not teach hate and restiveness, and it is in that regard that we are here. Again, this is historic this is Sultan Bello where Sir Ahmadu Bello prayed and he was a good man who preached peace. This is where late Sheik Abubakar Gumi preached until his death.

We are here for peace and may God give Nigeria peace.”

It would be recalled that on June 17, a series of crises erupted in the state when suicide bombers attacked Churches in Zaria and Kaduna town. The Boko Haram sect claimed responsibility for the bombings. The attack led to irate Christian youths attacking Muslims, and after two days, the Muslims also retaliated in areas where they are dominant.

Dijji also said that the Muslim youths have paid a similar solidarity visit to Christians at the Christian Association of Nigeria secretariat.Muslims praying while christians form a protective human chain around them

  1. okoro ayo musa Reply

    i hate this. its so useless….

  2. Tope Reply

    I really love this. This is what God want from us. There can never be a growth and development in a country where there’s absent of unity. Let’s work together both muslims and the christians. God bless Nigeria. One love.

  3. mohammed shaibu Reply

    may Allah protec nigeria.the problem of nigeria is not lack of unity but lack of gud leadership who think they can distabilise nigeria through volience religion to achive there objective.lets pray for peace in these holy month of ramadan for peace to rain Nigeria is ours we should not use our hand to distroy it thank.

  4. abideen olawale Reply

    well it’s another step to create enabling enviroment on religion related matters.

  5. king Henry Reply

    They spoose to go inn there with bomb and ak47 and kill sll those terrorist

  6. Ayemoba Gladys Reply

    As much as we try 2 show love 2 our muslim brothers,dont 4get that as much we christains have been tutored on d love of Christ,so ve some of ds ppl been turtored on voilence. Just as i cannot be convinced dt Jesus is not lord,so ll ds boko haram sect never be convinced dt voilence is not the way out. Christians should never relent on their show of love. God bless Nigeria & Nigerians.

  7. Phillip Okwils Reply

    The problem is neither the moslem nor the christians. The problem is the government . There is so much poverty and hunger in the land but the government does not care but busy stealling . The moslem and christians have a common enemy.The govetnment. To have peace they both have to figure it out.

  8. Andy 1 LONDON Reply

    Obadia Diji, i’m so proud of you sir. Your efforts and contributions toward the people of kaduna state is beyond measures. May God Kepp you and continue to guide you and your family. Regard to bobo and co….:)

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