Police Provide E-mail Address To Fight Crime

Mr Mohammed Abubakar Abuja – The Inspector General of Police, Mr Mohammed Abubakar has approved the release of a new e-mail address to enable the public communicate directly with him on issues relating to crime.

The address is policemonitor@npf.gov.ng.

This is contained in a statement issued in Abuja on Sunday by Mr Frank Mba, the Deputy Force Public Relations Officer.

The statement advised that the address should be strictly used for the purpose for which it was meant.

The statement said the address could also be used to report cases of breach of public peace and information on ongoing investigations by the police and other security agencies.

According to the statement, other information that the public can use the address to provide are comment on matters relating to national security, especially when such matters have direct bearing with the activities of the police.

It should be used “to report the conduct of police personnel or the conduct of personnel of other law enforcement agencies involved in corrupt and other forms of unlawful acts.

“To commend members of the force for acts of gallantry or other forms of exemplary or exceptional conduct displayed in the course of their duties.

“To report cases or incidents of electoral offences or other matters related thereto.

It appealed to potential users of the email to ensure the authenticity of their information.

The statement stated that the information provided through the medium would be treated with confidentiality, adding that the anonymity of providers would be respected.

“The effective use of the new email address will help in checkmating excesses of law enforcement personnel, encourage free flow of information between the public and police managers, and ultimately promote efficiency and better service delivery. (NAN)

  1. Emeka Udokporo Reply

    This is a great news for Nigerians and I do believe it will help the Nigeria community

    • Olasunkanmi Reply

      That is if they re ready to work & be sincere wthe very piece of information we dish out.

  2. Emeka Udokporo Reply

    Great news for Nigerians and I do believe it will benefit the Nigerian community.

  3. Tolua Reply

    the IGP is a simple person, intelligent and a patriotic man.
    I met him last week,
    God knows how to send workers to his children in need of peace, thank God!

  4. king Henry Reply

    He provided i called it so many times but no answer but alwayz busy on the whatsupp

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