Serving Senator In Certificate Forgery Scandal

Serving Senator In Certificate Forgery Scandal Unbelievable is the constant dirty revelation coming from the Senate, the latest of them is that Chairman of the Committee on Aviation, Senator Hope Uzodinma that lied about his Degree in Arts/Criminology from Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, United States.

It was gathered that the Senator had, in an interview with a national newspaper and on his Facebook page and other documents, claimed that he obtained a Degree in Arts/Criminology from the Washington University.

Investigations at the Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri, showed that the Senator representing Orlu Senatorial District never obtained a degree from the University.

“Sorry, we don’t have such name in our database; you can please call or reach out to the Registrar’s office, a lady in the Office of Alumni Affairs of the School said.

It was also gathered that a further check by Point Blank News at the Registrar’s office where data of all students including those that have graduated are kept did not find the name “Hope Uzodinma,” or any similar name.

“Please, we don’t have such name in our record. But you can also check at the National Clearing House,” an official, who simply gave his name as Kelvin at the Registrar’s office of the Washington University, said.

Point Blank News also checked through official records at the National Clearing House and was told the name, Hope Uzodinma, does not exist in any of its database. “We cannot get any record with such name, I am sorry,” Kerry Anderson of the National Clearing House said.

Point Blank News investigation came about as a result of the alarm raised by a group, Save Imo, that Uzodinma did not have the two certificates he had claimed – one from a Nigerian University and another from oversea.

A statement endorsed by the coordinator of Save Imo group, Nze Ebubeagu Ekenulo, said findings by the organization revealed that the lawmaker’s claims were unfounded.

“Both universities have confirmed that the senator never attended their institutions, hence obtained no degrees from them,” Ekenulo maintained.

Source: Pointblank News

  1. S . A Said Reply

    just recall him, it’s shameful dat we have such people in our legislation!

  2. H.A IDEBE (ESQ) Reply

    It only goes to show that the process used in screening those contesting elections is weak therefor causing this kind of national disgrace, we must put up a system were certificate of contestant are confirmed by the institution they claimed to have attended.

  3. Phillip Okwils Reply

    why did it take this long. Is a degee a requirement for senate candidate in Nigeria? I thought is money and influence. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  4. Micah Reply

    What is he still doing there? We don’t want thirst kind of people in our government. Liars are always thieves. They have nothing to offer. The court should act.

  5. justt Reply

    no wonder we ‘ve so much corruption in d senate! if d foundation be faulty of course the whole house is in danger. let there be more thorough investigations as he cannot be d only one

  6. SALISU MADA Reply

    This Man suppose to be sacked by now.we don’t want see Him again and they need thorough checking by now….

  7. Kamilu musa maigoro. Reply

    Mr. Man vacate your chiar and leav it to those who has a certificate and go back to school.

  8. Biodun Olaniyan Reply

    Let him go the way of Salisu Buhari

  9. Babangida Ibrahim Reply

    Too shameful

  10. Tagbo Reply

    Hello readers,In as much as the news sounds like truth,Hope Uzodimma is not the first Nigerian to have done this.Where was ponitblanknews when Bola Tinubu governed Lagos state for eight years with a forged degree from a university in America?Why did the Yerubas from where this news comes from never reported in total comdemnation of Bola Tinubu and the thugs Yerubas took to smarch the late Ganis jeep at the court premesis during the time in question when Gani was fighting that injustice and Discrimination?Hope can be there.

    • wole Reply

      Dear Tagbo, that is the hypocrisy that pervades our nation and keeps us where we are, i remember the time you alluded to and to Ganis poignant words to the Yorubas, he said we all asked for action in the time of Buhari and Enwerem but when it came to a Yoruba , Gani was villified and hounded,

  11. diztinguish Reply

    one day d bush meat go catch d hunter

  12. Nnenna Reply

    One will not at this point categorically say the story is true, besides the constitution never said a ‘degree” is a prerequisite for holding any public office, the senate inclusive. I think the man’s contributions to the senate especially at the public hearing on BPE activities on the privatization of public owned organisations which he served as a member must be commended. Again I also followed his activities on aviation which he served as the chiarman of the commitee, I must say he did well too on that hearing/probe. Am saying this if one will have to juxtapose his actions on those instances i sited to his collagues in the senate who claim to have a genunie “cert”. Pls I think we should be patient! for what we need for sure is SERVICE not necesarily the CERTIFICATE.

    • charlie Reply

      @ Nnenna, that for sure is not in dispute, but its wrong for a man of his calibre to lie about having a degree. he didnt have to tell lies.

    • wole Reply

      dear Nnena, the issue here is not his performance but that he presented forged qualification, that is symptomatic of a lack of personal integrity and sound values, also presenting forged documents is in itself a crime and he is liable for prosecution so it does not matter if he is the best senator or house of rep member eva, let us stop celebrating what is wrong

  13. Emeka Speedwell Onyewuotu Reply

    Please people let me put you through. the report you read above is completely false and baseless. The so called report is coming from Ebubeagu Ekenaulo a man who has repeatedly made himself an enemy to the Senator accusing him of having an affair with his wife. Ebubeagu Ekenaulo was the Husband of Hon. Ukachi Amaechi the former Member representing Owerri West in IMHA, you will recall that Ebubeagu divorced his wife Ukachi. Remember he made a similar smear allegation against his exwife accusing her of having HIV and even sent such fictitious report / documents to IMHA. The man is not to be taken serious, he is pushing his frustration too far. We have all seen Senator Hope Uzodinma displaying a very high intellectual ability at the floor of the senate. This report is not worth your time.

  14. biocom Reply

    it does not take a degree be in senate


    Am not sure he even has school cert waec or gce its a big shame

  16. Gibson Agbor Reply

    Ds is absolutely trash. D detractors ar at work again, d nshikor mentality among our people is rearn its head. Lets leave d distinguish Senator to face hs task. Senator Uzodimma has creditably done well in d senate, y ds desperation from hs foes.

  17. Tunde Bello Reply

    One of the reasons no one should be suprised about the attitude of our ‘distinguished senators & Hon members’ Let us see if he will be prosecuted or not by the fed govt or the civi societies.

  18. Daniel Reply

    Am very sure he is not d only one involved in this kind of criminal act.if proper scrutiny is carried out in the senate, house of reps,top gvt official, and state house of assembly a lot of can of worm will be unfolded.its unfortunate though

  19. Utavie Reply


  20. Utavie Reply


  21. thomas George Reply

    All he requires is a secondary scholl certificate, if he has that, he is qualified to be in that chamber. Point blank news should use journalism to preach peace or pack up shop!!!

  22. Bassey Reply

    What was the qualification used by the Senator in his Declaration Form to INEC? We should be referring to what he filled in that Form rather than insinuations or purported interview he granted on facebook. This looks like another cheap political backmail and very difficult to convince unbiased citizens of this Country on this meaningless controversy!In any case, I am not a politician and I have never met Sanator Hope Uzodinmma in person but let us be fair in our criticisms of others!

  23. victor Reply

    which way Naigeria

    • victor Reply

      which way Nigeria,
      May god save us from the so called devil leading the country.

  24. Constant' Reply

    All d blames gos 2 INEC.b4 sum1 contest 4 any electoria post d detail of such an individual shud b noted.1st, his qualificatn, 2nd, his apearance.his aim & purpose 4 d post he is contestin 4 & d bene5t of d citizens…bt due 2 coruptn in Nigeria der prblm is money! once u pay d money u r qualify 2 contest wch is wrng…

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