Pastor Bakare In SSS Custody Over Fiery Sunday Sermon

Pastor Tunde Bakare Report reaching us says Pastor Tunde Bakare has been taken into the SSS office in Lagos to explain the content of his Sunday sermon asking President Goodluck Jonathan to resign from office.

He reportedly arrived the office at exactly 3:10pm local time. With him is his lawyers and Yinka Odumakin.

Nigeria’s secret police, the SSS, had invited him to meet with the State director of the SSS at its Shangisha offices in a Lagos suburb for a meeting.

The fiery Lagos pastor and political activist yesterday delivered a damning sermon titled: “How To Change Government Peacefully And Make Society Better”. Check out the message HERE.

The pastor leads the Save Nigeria Group (SNG) which has had the government in an uncomfortable stare-down in recent times. In December 2010, the group visited President Jonathan in Abuja in connection with its advocacy of certain public policies.

On its way out of the presidential villa, the group was handed a $50,000 bribe, which it refused. The embarrassed government explained that the money was not a bribe, but “transport fare.”

Pastor Bakare eventually ran for vice-president on the ticket of the Congress for Progressive Change. As pastor or political activist, he has always strongly criticized anti-people policies.

  1. 'Dipupo Reply

    If Pastor Tunde Bakare is quizzed for his Sermon then Adamu Ciroma should be in jail by now…God bless Nigeria!

  2. supreme Reply

    God will punish you,for your plan will not work.just because you are not chosen in the last election you now think this is an opportunity for shall never succeed in your plan mr who uses a pastor’s name as a carmoflag..God will surely disgrace you…for your information if you think that you can even get there even by accident you better in and hide your head.because your’s will be the worst and by that time you will wish that you were not born because of humiliation. Once again your plan will not because of your evil deed and plan.

  3. Evelyn Reply

    The truth shall reveal itself one day………

  4. Peculiar Reply

    this goes to show that this is an agent of devil. may you rot in jail here on earth and in HELL in the spiritual realm. blind leader of the blind

  5. Mohammed awal Reply

    @Supreme and Peculiar do you have brains? please read the message!! are you saying Nigeria is not a cesspool of corruption? please read between the lines!!!!!!!

  6. olajide Reply

    don’t u think u should pray for mr president to succeed rather dan castigatin his govt. See pastor, u r not helpin matters in d way u r handlin it. I knw if u r d president, u would hav been worst than him. No be only u sabi speak english.

  7. Felett Reply

    So Nig. Can nolonger speak frely, God punish una

  8. ADEBOTE Reply

    It’s time NIGERIANS brace up off lurgy and face reality in the eye.
    And one way this can be realised is to decipher the state of the nation and what the causes are.
    Anyways, I believe strongly in THE PRAYERS OF THE RIGHTEOUS, I therefore charge all nigerians to EARNESTLY PRAY FOR THEIR LEADERS and even for PASTOR TUND E BAKARE, and others in the affairs of the nigerian politiking directly or indirectly.

  9. zamora Reply

    ate Martin Luther King jr was a pastor and fought against d political brohaha. Being a pastor doesnt make u an angel, u stil remain human so i tink d pastor has d fundamental right to speak on our behalf. I realize 90% of those against tunde is from south south/niger delta but stil u suffers and GEJ hasnt done anytin 4 u. How many of you fools who attack Pst Tunde’s speech can stand up and speak even in d street? Do u even know what u wil say?. The bible says; “my people perish bcoz they lack wisdom.” my people pls wise up and let’s call a spade a spade. GEJ is too weak to be our presido. Buhari in 2011 said if GEJ wins d election, his regime wil be disastrous and since, bokom haram emerges out, why didnt sss questioned him. South south pls think!

  10. Cherry Berry Reply

    Hmmnnn… What do U expect d pastor 2 do? How can U go 2 sleep when ur house is on fire. Huh?

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