Rashidi Yekini’s Death Certificate Finally Released

Rashidi Yekini THE Death Certificate of late Super Eagles’ striker, Rashidi Yekini has been released by Al-Amin Hospital located at Oba Obarinde Shopping Complex, Awotan Road, Apete, Ibadan where the player died less than 10 minutes when he was rushed to the hospital on that fateful day, Friday May 4th, 2012, NationSport learnt from Yekini’s Lawyer, , Barrister Mohammed Olanrewaju Jubril yesterday. “The Doctor that certified Rashidi Yekini dead told me that my late client was brought to his hospital unconscious and it did not take up to 10 minutes while the Doctor was still doing the check up when he gave up the ghost. Yekini’s pulse was very feeble, by the time the Doctor was checking his heart condition he (Yekini) had gone (died) already”, Jubril disclosed.

The Lawyer, however, still alleged that “the death certificate has not really clarified other important things like where was Rashidi Yekini between Monday till the Friday he was rushed to the hospital where they claimed he died? The Doctor insisted that he had not done anything vital as regards the check up on Yekini before he died. “I have been keeping quiet and hesitating on pressing charges on the family because I don’t want to be seen to be inflicting more pains on them after losing their son. But I won’t be able to stop any pressure group that may want to investigate the matter to a logical conclusion.

“I am using this medium to advice Yekini’s family to come out openly and apologise to the whole nation and the whole world on the mistake they made as regards the treatment meted on my client. I believe the family was misled by the report they read in the newspapers that my client was not okay psychologically which is not true. Rashidi was their son but he was my client too. He was a hero and Nigeria government gave him honours so Rashidi should not be treated like just any ordinary player”, Jubril, full of anger and sadness expressed his mind on the issue.

Jubril also told NationSport tha with the Death Certificate of the late Eagles forward, he can now go to the court to get court order that would enable him to approach Yekini’s bank and ascertain the financial status of his client by time of his death.

“With the Death Certificate in hands now, I can go to the state (Oyo State) High Court to process the necessary documents to take to First Bank to get the account details of my client. Without the court order no bank would release anybody’s personal account details to another person”, he clarified.

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