Uche Jombo Gets Death Threat

Jesuwale Israel Femi Nollywood actress, Uche Jombo got a death threat on Sunday (July 22, 2012) from a middle aged man simply identified as Jesuwale ‘Phemy’, disclosing his hatred and wish for the actress.

Phemy made his dislike for the actress cum producer public on social media network, Twitter.

According to one of his tweets on Sunday, “I hate Uche Jombo, take it or leave [it]. She knows why. I wish I get a pistol.”

Uche Jumbo

In response to this tweet, which seems to be like a death threat, the sexy actress replied, “good luck with that and remember to help yourself out first when you get one. #twitterPillAlert.”

Phemy, whose full name is Jesuwale Israel Femi hails from in Ibadan, Oyo State, but lives in Lagos. He studied Political Science from Caritas University, Enugu.


  1. Anonymous Reply

    I stll cant blve ds. Y all ds htred , wckedness ad jelocy in ds wold,gosh.uche jombo my ur soul R.I.P Amen. I fell so bd dat i wl not c u or act wth u wne i wl be an actress. But only GOD nos d best. I enjoy ur moves lik mad.

  2. Anonymous Reply

    Uche is not dead those dat wish her death do not have fear of God.

  3. Anonymous Reply

    is uche jumbo really alive or dealth

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Y dis hatred jesuwale phemy

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