Baby Born With 3 Legs, Imperforated Anus In Borno State

By Kareem Ogori

Baby Nafisat A baby girl identified as Nafisat, born with many legs and imperforated anus in Borno State needs your help.

According to medical experts, baby Nafisat needs N1million for corrective surgery for her to remain alive.

Baby Nafisat was born to the Ahmed family in Bayo LGA of Borno state on the 18th of June, 2012.

The family’s joy quickly turned to sorrow as they witnessed many abnormalities surrounding her birth.

A surgeon at the Federal Medical Centre in Gombe states Nafisat needs intensive surgery to keep her alive.

Unfortunately, her parents have no means of paying for this expensive surgery.

They’re calling on Nigerians especially the first lady of the state to come to her rescue.

Nafisat is currently in the Special Baby Unit at Gombe Federal Medical Centre and she is struggling with imperforated anus and other abnormalities.

Dr Adamu Madugu, the Medical Director of the Federal Medical Center, Gombe, said the baby stands the risk of dying if the surgery is not carried out immediately.

“Nafisat was referred to the Federal Medical Centre, Gombe, and has been admitted in the Special Baby Care Unit with a case of imperforated anus and multiple abnormalities.”

“The patient has to undergo a series of surgery in order to correct various enormities.”

Baby Nafisat is currently living on different medical gadgets and she needs N1 million for important corrective surgery.

Madugu said with N1 million, Nafisat would be able to pay for her surgery, drugs, investigation, pints of blood, feeding and accommodation.

“Unfortunately, the parents cannot afford the money due to financial constraints,” said the Surgeon who solicited that only government can help the poor parents to save the life of the baby.

Culled from Blueprint News

  1. iskil Reply

    Lol ….that funny….should enter the book of guiness record

  2. Abdul Kareem Reply

    Iskil or what you call yourself, so this story could make you Lol! How callous!

  3. Abiola Taiwo Reply

    How i wish i have d money to give for d operation,but i believe God will do d best. However, it is a FEDERAL MEDICAL CENTRE owned by d federal govt,can’t d doctors refer the case to d fed. govt. 4 assistance? I believe a govt. owned establishment should be free of burden or why is it called FMC? Nonsense!

  4. Akdivy Reply

    I wish i have the money to give to these parent of the abnormal child.we are all created with the image of God but is this one image of God?i pray that God wil use just an ordinary nigerian so that the boku-harams wil see that we need each other[no man s born an iland]and the state governor should be ashemed of hisself for let these suitation of 1million naria out to the public

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