PHOTO: Fisherman Discovers Crab That Looks Like Osama Bin Laden

TERRORIST Osama Bin Laden has reared his ugly head again – on the belly of a CRAB.


A freakish image of the bearded monster was caught on camera by a family filming a fishing trip.

The face is the spit of the al Qaeda fiend gunned down in his Pakistan lair by US Navy Seals last year.

But now he’s back where he belongs – at the bottom of the ocean.

The crustacean was thrown back in the water near Everett, Washington state, because it was female and illegal to keep.

Dad John Cranfield said he did not notice the image until he watched the footage when he got home.

Crab That Looks Like Osama Bin Laden

  1. drgoga Reply

    I know very soon they will catch up with a big One that looks like OBAMA bin Badin, as i trusted them.

  2. mansa Reply

    stupid lies

  3. aliu Reply


  4. Victor Eyube Reply

    All I know the monster was shot death in a cross fire with delta force of America.

  5. ephraim Reply

    Don’t believe

  6. joe Reply

    this is nonsense

  7. luke Reply

    THAT’S NOT OSAMA…everyone can see that is CASTRO

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