‘FG Knows Boko Haram Sponsors’

Boko Haram Bishop of the Owo Diocese of the Church of Nigeria (Anglican Communion), Rt. Rev. James Oladunjoye, fears Nigeria may disintegrate under President Goodluck Jonathan if he fails to bring sponsors of the dreadful Boko Haram sect to book.

Oladunjoye stated this in his Bishop charge which he read on Friday during the Third Session of the 10th Synod held at the St. Paul’s Church, Ijagba in the Ose Local Government area of the state.

He said even if the country breaks up, members of the deadly sect would still be terrorising Christians and southerners in their midst and the problem could lead to a full blown war when the attacked decides to take uparms and fight their aggressors.

The cleric said unless Jonathan picks up sponsors of the sect with a view to bringing them to justice, they would ensure the total collapse of his government.

Oladunjoye said, “The sponsors of Boko haram are no longer in government or the corridors of power which they believe is their birthright. They are those that have been pushed away from controlling the national cake.

“We have said it with all emphasis, that the sponsors of this sect are well known to those in government especially the President.”


  1. prince Reply

    true talk.

  2. fatima Abdullahi Reply

    pleas i’m calling the criasten and we the muslim to come together and find a solution to our prolbame,boko haram are not muslim sect,boko haram are only here to divide our peace if you can look at it,the are not killing the cristen only the bod, and kano,meduguri,gombe,bauch and nown sokoto all are not cristen state.pleas we should not allow a barea to come between us

    • fab Reply

      I like your comment which calls for unity. But i hate it when you say that BOKO Haram are not Muslim.

      If they are not Muslims, who are they?

      As an educated person, which religion of group of people answer the names their members answers?

      From their interviews who are they claiming to be fighting for?

      what i expect to hear from my Muslim brothers is that Boko haram are MUSLIMS THAT HAVE GONE ASTRAY period and not a total denial.

      • Ahmad Reply

        Don’t you know who are they? They are Christians 90% Christians. Every bomber that was caught alive was a Christian. Then what are saying Mumu.

      • antonio Reply

        @ fab and fatima; if a child does well dey say na papa born am, but if he does bad na mama pikin…denial or acceptance d truth is naked… and until we nigerians grab it on d neck; we are far fetched from the grasp of the realities of truth, justice,incorruptibility, fairness and the true worship of God/Allah. nigerians like to speak big grammar and politics over highly sensitive issues. maybe bcos hypocrites like to pray. we have to search or hearts and see that we have virtually politicized everything including love and affection. we cast lots on whom to show concern. from the north to the south, from the east to d west,we are all sycophants, and charlatans. i dont negate those we are sincerely making efforts to change things in nigeria, God will bless them and their goodwill. i am writing bitterly bcos we are stagnated in all ramifications. if one day we all will stand up and say no to corruption, all d aberration will put to halt. God bless my beloved country. i believe it shall be well someday; and i’ll love to be part of that process.

    • teee Reply

      i luv ur coment fati,BH ar nt muslim,they just ternishing d image of islam,bcos islam does tolorate killing.God wl soon expose al these underworld men

  3. Andy chiemezie chukwuma Reply

    there is no point deining dat d bokos are not musilem. They are dats why dey are clamuring for islamising and shari laws. I wounder if nigerians are truely one; if we are somebody shuld help me answer dis, why discremination, why a man from east wil b sean as a straiger in d north, dat is not ur state of origin therefore u don’t ve an equel rite,even to an extent of job and admistions in our high schools dere is always a case of indiginous. Are we stil one even wen a man can b c as a second citism in his own contry why d authrites know it and keep quite . D solution is simple value d next person around u see him or her as a nigerian so help me God.

  4. Gracia Reply

    Dis country self which day e go better?

  5. suleiman Reply

    I belived that theso people who call themself Boko haram, are not muslim, they want to devide us apart. but one day the througt shall tell. long nigeria

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