50 Years After Divorce, Couple Decides to Remarry

50 Years After Divorce, Couple Decides to Remarry Fifty years after their divorce, a New York couple is set to take their vows once again, proving that not only is it never too late to find love, but also that sometimes you find it in very unexpected places.

The Buffalo News reports that the Seneca, New York pair married as teenagers and were together for 20 years before they divorced in 1964 after four children together.

The Buffalo couple met in Chattanooga, Tennessee back when they were teens.
One of those children – their oldest daughter, Johnnie Mae Funderbirk – is a big reason they’re back together, the report said.

Funderbirk encouraged her father to move from Colorado back to New York after his second wife died a few months ago, where she hoped he would reconnect with her mother.

The couple never lost touch during their 50 years apart, frequently talking on the phone (Henderson had even counselled Davis’ then-new wife on how to deal with him).

Davis popped the question – again – to Henderson over the phone after deciding to move back to New York.

She said “yes,” and he soon flew to Buffalo with the engagement ring pinned to his shirt out of fear of losing it during the flight.

Davis and Henderson will tie the knot again on Saturday, August 4 at a church in Seneca.
However, the jury is still out on whether or not remarrying an spouse is a good idea.

  1. Okwandu Reply

    Nothin is imposible.

  2. pinkberry Reply

    Noting ȋ̝̊̅§ impossible yea

  3. king Henry Reply

    So If the second wife did not die he wasn’t remarry again so there is no big news about that

  4. Jen Reply

    I love this story. Furthermore, it’s my story too so I really share their joy. Fifteen years ago I moved to Bangkok, fell in love and married. Less than a year later, I got a divorce in Thailand and returned home. Last year, one of my friends begged me to return to Thailand with her for her 40th birthday. I took her to all of my favorite hangout places in Bangkok and ran into my ex-husband early in the trip. The reunion was magical. We still felt the love from all those years ago, yet we were more mature, confident, and successful. We’ve planned to remarry next year and start a business together in Thailand. I am so happy that our paths crossed again. I know this time will last forever, and I hope this lucky couple will be happy too.

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