Jasen Blu To Perform At Lagos Premiere Of Last Flight To Abuja

By Alayande Stephen T.

JASEN BLU TO PERFORM AT LAGOS PREMIERE OF LAST FLIGHT TO ABUJA After his song “L.A.S.G.I.D.I (Gidi Anthem)” was eventually chosen as the official sound track for the multi-million naira Box-Office Nigeria Air Disaster thriller “Last Flight to Abuja “ , Jasen Blu (real name Collins Dada)seems to be liking every bit of the fame and accolade that is coming with his hot new single. The film that is already gathering massive positive review within and outside the country after its UK Premiere is set for the Lagos Premiere come Friday August 3rd, 2012 at the Genesis Deluxe Cinema, The Palms, Lekki, Lagos. Jasen Blu is billed for a Guest Appearance performance of the official Sound Track of the movie which “L.A.S.G.I.D.I (Gidi Anthem)” at the Lagos the Premiere.

The elated good looking act said” I’m grateful to God it happened, as an upcoming act, it’s a big step to the mainstream for the single. And hopefully we’ll be able to build something good on it as the music and the movie help promote each other. L.A.S.G.I.D.I (Gidi Anthem) is a young hustler’s tribute to the chaotic and most intriguing city of Lagos, which we youth now refers to as LASGIDI” he averred.

Jasen Blu is a R n B vocalist who is equally a Song writer and a Record Producer, he hails from Akure, Ondo State. He described himself as a contemporary R n B act but with reasonable fusion of everything from Afro-beats, grimy hip-hop, pop/rock, folk music & black soul. The song “L.A.S.G.I.D.I (Gidi Anthem)” from the graduate of Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA) talks about the ever-buzzing nature of the city, the fast-life activities, the poverty, the riches and the nature allure of Lagos. The song also urges residents to be proud of and represent their various areas/constituencies in the city.

He got inspired to compose a classic song with a street/urban appeal that will later become a street/office/general Lagos State anthem kind of and that is what “Gidi Anthem” is gradually becoming.

A lot of people seem to have given Jasen Blu a thumb up for the song, LASGIDI (Gidi Anthem), the rhythmic music starts by moving you and then Jasen’s voice just soothes your soul. The instrumental has a R n B feel, some elements of jazz and funk with an African edge. The lyrics are delivered in a narrative storytelling style. The conversation in the background of the song gives it some texture of reality. He officially founded his music-making and lifestyle imprint, Block47, on which he immediately started recording his songs.

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