PICTURES: Identical Twins Deliver Babies On Same Day, One Has Twins!

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Identical twin sisters, Shaakira White and Zaakira Mitchell, both 20, gave birth just an hour apart on July 24 in South Carolina, USA. But that is not the biggest surprise.
White, the oldest sister, gave birth to twins, WLTX-TV reports. The sisters did not plan to get pregnant within weeks of each other, nor did they ever expect to become mothers on the same day.

Originally, Mitchell traveled from Rock Hill, S.C. to accompany her sister to her doctor’s appointment at Palmetto Health Baptist Hospital in Columbia. However, she had no clue that both of them would be giving birth that day.

“Around three, 3:30 she came back and said ‘I’m 5 centimeters dilated.’ So Dr. Ferguson was telling her that she was going to be admitted today, so that meant we were both going to have our babies on the same day,” said Mitchell. “We didn’t know, it wasn’t planned.”

Mitchell gave birth to baby Kadin Zaakai and an hour later, White delivered twins, Landon Elijah and London Elise, via C-section. Dr. James Ferguson delivered all three babies.

The sisters’ delivery dates were originally a month apart. Mitchell’s due date was July 26 and White’s was on Aug. 16, according to ABC News.

WIS-TV has more on what Dr. Ferguson had to say on the amazing deliveries:

“I’ve never seen twins being pregnant at the same time!” said Dr. James Ferguson.
Dr. Ferguson is still getting over the fact the sisters just shared their pregnancies. He said he couldn’t believe it when they both showed up Tuesday and went into labor.

“I kinda joked with Shaakira that she was trying to steal her sister’s limelight for that day,” said Ferguson. “I just thought this is not really believable.”

But it is.

Check out the video below to see the twin sisters, both 20, discuss their wonderful day of giving birth together.


Shaakira White and Zaakira Mitchell
Shaakira White and Zaakira MitchellShaakira White and Zaakira MitchellShaakira White and Zaakira MitchellShaakira White and Zaakira MitchellShaakira White and Zaakira MitchellShaakira White and Zaakira Mitchell

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