Suicide Bomber Attacks Central Mosque In Potiskum

Central Mosque In Potiskum UPDATE: AFP – Several people were wounded in the blast outside the main mosque after Friday prayers ended in the town of Potiskum, one witness said, as a police official said he was awaiting further details of the attack.

“A man who looked in his 40s … approached the emir and tried to embrace him, but people around pushed him away, and at that moment, a bomb concealed under his caftan went off,” one witness said.

Those wounded included the emir’s bodyguard, a mosque aid worker and a nurse, the witness said. The attack was said to have occurred as the emir left the mosque near his palace after weekly prayers.

“I and my brother were leaving the mosque through a different gate when I heard an explosion followed by a commotion as worshippers tried to flee,” another resident said.

“I fled the mosque, but some minutes later when the news of what happened spread, I came back to the mosque and I saw a large crowd watching the dismembered body of the attacker.”

Earlier Report…

Report reaching us says a suicide bomber Friday afternoon targeted the Emir of Fika and Chairman of Yobe state Council of Chief, Mohammed Abali Ibn Idrissa.

The suicide bomber attacked the Central Mosque in Potiskum during Friday prayers killing the orderly of the Emir of Fika, Dr. Muhammadu Idrissa.

However, the emir escaped the suicide bomber’s attempt on his life. But the suicide bomber and the emir’s police orderly died immediately.

3 people were also confirmed injured from the blast.

According to reports, after the Friday prayers, the bomber tried to get close to the chief at the Potiskum Central Mosque located at the Emir’s palace but was reportedly stopped by the orderly to the chief.

Eyewitnesses said the suicide bomber then brought out a gun after seeing he was going to be prevented from reaching the emir. However, the bomb exploded before he could make further progress.

Details later…

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    With all the scurities of state of emergency, an attack to the emir him self wat a bad country.

  2. monday Reply

    If it was an attack on the a church it would have recorded huge sucess.why?

  3. king Henry Reply

    I want to know if the attacker is a Christian

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