My Grief As An African – Part 1

Awofaa Gogo AbiteGrowing up as a child, I never imagined a world different from my environment, until I began asking WHY?

Why don’t we have clean water? Why so much poverty? And why are children dieing of starvation?

My friends keep telling “Gogo!!! These are signs of end time!!! Hmm, and this is the spot that I always want to go GAGA. My dear, do you mean the world will soon end while I don’t have clean water to drink? the roads are bad? Children die of starvation? Or should I talk about electricity which has long ago became rocket science? What about the quality  of education? So the world will end like this and my country will remain in the same conditions, which means someone is logically telling me that the present situation is our destiny.

How can you tell me it’s end time meanwhile everyday Europeans and Americans are inventing new things, building more infrastructures, developing their scientific world, oh MY PEOPLE when did logical thinking become so expensive? I think re-orientation should be the first step to degrade this mental slavery we have. I want to address some important issues that make my soul shiver.

Which law guides the AFRICAN (NIGERIAN) child? How do you feel seeing a 6-year-old child hawking under the hot sun and in the heavy rain? Walking around a risky environment? Have we adapted to it that now it becomes “normal,”? Citing an African proverb which says “When evil lasts long, it becomes a tradition”

My Grief As An African - Part 1There are two stages of livelihood, first is being a child, and second is being old which also characterizes going back to childhood, because as an old man/woman you need attention of care just like a child.

The primary objective of parents is to care for their children and lay a foundation so that their children can in turn support them in old age. It’s strange that the reverse is the case in AFRICA, especially NIGERIA where many children have to fend for their parents and for themselves, by hawking sachet water, snacks e.t.c Childbirth is equivalent to egg hatching by birds.

Barack Obama is contempt with two girls and no boy but they are very comfortable. Bill Gates being the world’s richest man has three children and they are very comfortable!

Why will someone have a child hawking on the street and with the wife pregnant for the next child?? What foundation is he laying for that innocent soul??

Well the recent answers I have been getting are “CHILDREN ARE GOD’S BLESSINGS,” hmm, really how come the westerners don’t know that therefore having few? It’s time for us to grow out of such mentality; it is way too lame an idea than a way of life, but being on a more fairer side, If a man is very rich that he can adequately take care of those children, then it’s logical and manageable, because parenting goes a long way than financial support, attention, love, support, care are the basic parts of parenting.

Nigerians and Africans at large should rise and fight these illicit, immoral and indecent act, lets spread a campaign above the horizon; lets free the children from the streets. It brings tears to my eyes, yet most people are silent and smiling about this.

Barrack Obma and his familyIt takes a heartless parent to allow their children to face such adversity. These abuses are widely spread across the nation but I can’t stop wondering why it’s less spoken off nor addressed. You also can be part of the campaign against child labor, and such parents should be brought to book.

(Don’t ask me if I have children, I also don’t have an aquarium, but I know that you cannot feed the fishes with acid)

Hopefully with work-we will arise

Thanks for your time


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