‘My Woman Twice Aborted Pregnancy For Her Lover Under My Roof’

Justice Mr. Bamidele Adeniji, a secondary school teacher, told Agege Grade A Customary Court that his wife, Bisola, was unfaithful to him so much so that she aborted pregnancy on two occasions for her lover while they were living together as husband and wife.

The 37-year-old man said he was aware the first time his wife got pregnant for her lover, but he decided not to let his family members know of it to avoid being ridiculed. He, however, said his father got to know of the second pregnancy when he overheard a pharmacist living not too far from their house discussing the matter with somebody and it later generated controversy that almost sent her packing.

He informed the court that he began to suspect his wife when she started dictating to him the time she would allow him to have s*x. The wife, according to him, said he could only have s*x with her once in a month with condom. In her submission, Bisola informed the court that her husband denied her access to their only child, and this did not go down well with her.

Speaking in the same vein, the wife’s counsel, Adekunle Ajasa, claimed that the husband changed the location of the child, and also instructed his teacher not to allow her mother to see her. He also told the court that there was threat to his client‘s (Bisola) life, saying his client would not want the matter be settled amicably.

The counsel added that Bisola is a trader and has enough time to take care of the child. While delivering judgment, the court president, Mr. Emmanuel Shokunle, said the evidence before the court revealed that the union had broken down irretrievably. He therefore dissolved the marriage.


  1. iheoma martins Reply

    I think that’s a very wise judgment by the court president because beyond every reasonable doubt, the marriage has broken irretrievably far long before now. Very unfortunate but there is still another life ahead of you guys, so move on nd put the past behind. Good luck.

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