Ogoni’s Declaration Of Self-Govt Is A Treasonable Felony – Amaechi

Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi The Rivers State governor, Rotimi Amaechi has described the declaration of Ogoni Autonomy Day by Mr. Goodluck Diigbo on Thursday as a treasonable felony.

MOSOP President/Spokesman, Dr. Goodluck Diigbo on Thursday declared self-government in a live broadcast on a newly established radio station: Voice of Ogoni. He vowed that by their declaration of political autonomy, they (the Ogoni people) are determined to enforce the United Nations Declaration on Rights of Indigenous Peoples, without fear or retreat. (In case you missed the story, read it HERE)

However, Amaechi said Diigbo (the initiator of the Autonomy Day) “would run into the bush” if attempts were made to ask him questions.

According to him, “On Ogoni autonomy, I wish them well. Ogoni autonomy is not achievable. The man (Diigbo) who declared Ogoni autonomy will run into the bush tomorrow morning. What Diigbo is doing is treasonable felony. You do not declare autonomy on the pages of newspapers and magazines or on radio and television.”

The Chairman of MOSOP Provisional Council, Prof. Ben Naanen, and other authentic Ogoni leaders immediately disowned the declaration of the Autonomy Day by Diigbo, insisting that Ogoni people were not for sovereignty.

  1. iheoma martins Reply

    Dr Digbo, abeg no be like that o, follow due process o if you seriously believe in the realization of the sovereignty of ogoni people. Anyway, I wish you guys luck and may God bless Nigeria.

  2. Iheanyi Reply

    Dr Digbo, carry go. I know that Amechi will kick against it because he is part and parcel of the corrupt and failed system.

  3. Bishop Joseph Obiagunwa Okpara N Reply

    Dr.Diigbo was right,but what I don’t like about it was the timing.This shouldn’t have come this time of Goodluck Ebele Jonathan’s Government.The Oll Companys in Ogoni Lands are evils and they put the Ogonis in a really mess and sufferring.Dr.Diiogbo should be willing to dialogue with the Federal Government and his Government.I can see that GOV. AMAECHI is not happy about this,therefore,it will be proper for someone to detail the Government and the Governor that this is not a call for secesion, but a call to rewrite the wrong,so that every one will be happy.Ogonis are not Boko Haram,and they will never be,because they are good citizens of Nigeria,this is the way they want to be heard.All the former Eastern region,must go in now and see for themselves what the ogonis are talking about.The Governors the eastern states must go to Ogoni before any one starts attacking Dr.Diigbo.From,Bishop Joseph Santus.USA

  4. Bishop Joseph Obiagunwa Okpara N Reply

    All these Oil companies in Nigeria must learn to do the right thing,like is done in the Western world.They will pay their taxes,they will build roads and hospitals to improves the communities where they drill the oil from.They must do the same thing just as they do here in USA,Great Britain and France.Shell BP should be doing the same thing the Oil Companies does for people in Florida to the Ogonis and the rest of other communities where they drill oil and they must clean up pollutions as fast as they drops. From USA

  5. Victory Ababa Reply

    Fair and adequate compensation should be paid to the Victims. The oil companies should also keep proper maintenance of their pipe-line and other ancilliary equipment but however if polution occurs either by negligence on the part of the oil companies, act of God, sabotage etc, drastic measure should be taken by the oil companies to clean up the poluted area in order to bring such poluted area back to its origal state before the polution. Both the Municipal laws and international conventions in which Nigeria has either ratified or re-enacted in which we are signitories to concerning oil polution should be fully complied with by the oil companies.

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