Plot To Impeach President Is Northerners’ Agenda – Southern coalition

A coalition of southern socio-cultural groups has stated that threatening to impeach President Goodluck Jonathan is part of a Northern agenda to destabilize his administration and eventually force him out of office.

Mr. Zuokumor Tito, the interim leader of the coalition says the same people pushing for impeachment are the ones using Boko Haram to destabilise Jonathan’s administration.
President Goodluck Jonathan
He said, “The aim and objectives of the new political Boko Haram is crystal clear: fight at all costs to make Nigeria seem unsafe and ungovernable to unseat President Goodluck, the man from the region forbidden to rule Nigeria.”

Tito also added that these people’s motive is to create a scenario of insecurity and portray President Jonathan as incompetent to govern the country.

“Perhaps, feeling that the motive was not being achieved on time, they are now trying to use the House of Representatives, using budget implementation as a plank to achieve their unpatriotic agenda.

If they becomes successful, the coalition warned, Nigeria would be grounded, economically, leading to the breakup of the nation.

“God forbid, but let me warn that if they force Jonathan out of office through this deliberately created insecurity or any other flimsy excuse, they should know that no section of this country has a monopoly of violence. The South, particularly the Niger Delta people have the ability to create artificial insecurity, and if necessary, completely shut down the economy of the nation, because no single drop of oil from the Niger Delta region would be used to run another government. Enough is enough”.

The coalition includes: the Forth Force, Niger Delta Justice & Mass Movement, South-South & South West Mandate, and Ndigbo Consultative Forum.

According to the leader, members of the coalition met in Abuja, Wednesday night and early hours of yesterday to review developments in the chambers of the National Assembly with a conclusion that the script playing out in the legislature is well understood by the group which is mobilizing to respond to the outcome, should the plot succeed.

He insisted that President Jonathan has enough support base to “effectively counter any move to coerce or humiliate President Jonathan out of office”, and that those masterminding the move to push the president out of office would regret it.

  1. omoshalewa Reply

    is that a threat coming from Mr Tito ? well either yes or no good for him. what i am concerned about is that, for him to know all the people behind boko haram all these while and kept mute show his level of wickedness. pls sir it is high time you people let the cat out and stop deceiving and blackmailing the Religion after all, you all know the right person to point ur fingers at. we Nigerian are not daft. enough is enough as u earlier said. with due respect……….

  2. babangida Reply

    To hell with u tito,we are always happy 2 have an Islamic republic of nigeria,let all the unbelievers pack their properties & joint u in south.petrol is from ALLAH not from ur father.niger rep. have just discovered petrol. we have petrol deposit in North.pls if u didn’t separate d country today, u are not born by a legal father(bastered)

  3. egberi Reply

    i love di beautifu country called Nigeria,if my broda is a leader in any organisation or Govt parastatal dosnt mean watever he did is ryt? Mr Tito,ur man mr Presiden Jornathan had taotal fail in all aspect of Governance period and i bliv no reasonable Igbo or any sensitiv Nigerian is in support of him anymore and dat include u. Talking about oil,can u tell d number of countries in World 2day dat survived without knowin wat oil is all about?d foolishness of any niger deltan man is”na we get oil” go check d history of oil,it only brings under-development and pollution 2 d producing states all over d world. With due respect Sir, U’re a fool

  4. aliu Reply

    Tito do you know donkey? with due resfect u are a donkey.

  5. Badamasi Bashir Ayoola Reply

    Mr Tito, I’m really disappointed in you. You are a literate but you are not educated. You are one of the brain washed Nigerians, who are blind mentally. The situation on groud doesn’t need a person like you to even make a comment. Personally, I see you as an imbecile.

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