19 Worshippers Killed As Gunmen Attack Church In Kogi

Kogi state in Nigeria UPDATE 2: The death toll from the attack rose to 19 on Tuesday.

Lt. Col. Gabriel Olorunyomi, head of the military’s Joint Task Force (JTF) in Kogi state, said: “The attack was at 8:20 pm yesterday night. The attack was from unknown gunmen at the Deeper Life Church.”

“They were doing their normal Monday evening service. When we went there we discovered the church had been attacked. Instantly we saw 15 people dead, including the pastor,” he explained.

The military has since learned that an additional four people had died from their injuries, Olorunyomi explained.

UPDATE 1: Report says the gunmen stormed the church with sophisticated weapons at about 7p.m during a Monday Bible Study, shooting indiscriminately.

They blocked all entrances into the church, preventing people from escaping as they fired indiscriminately at the worshippers.

Among the dead was the local government area Pastor.

One of the injured is the Dean of Student Affairs of the FCE.

Following the attack, the state governor issued this statement:

Following Monday’s dastardly attack on a christian worshippers in Okene, Kogi state, governor Idris Wada cut short a Ramadan state function dinner and summoned an emergency meeting of the state executive committee.

Furious about news of the unfortunate situation governor Wada vowed he will spare no resources in smoking terrorists out of Kogi state. According to him the perpetrators of the heinous crime are wicked, devilish, ungodly and deserve no place in a same society.

Kogi state, he said has always been known for peace any act capable of tarnishing the image of the state will not be tolerated at all.

He called on all citizens of the state to remain calm.

Earlier report…

At least 16 worshippers have been killed as unknown gunmen on Monday attacked Deeper Life Church in Okene, says JTF Commander, Lt Col. Gabriel Olorunyomi.

Many were also injured in the attack on the branch of the church opposite the Federal College of Education (FCE).

Colonel Olorunyomi said, “unknown gunmen invaded the Deeper Life Church in this night (Monday) during a worship service and open fire shooting at the worshippers” he said.

He added that 15 people died instantly while the sixteenth person died in the hospital.

Joint Task Force in the state have cordoned off the area.

More details to come…

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