Bayelsa Plans “Autonomy” With Flag, Coat Of Arms And Anthem – PREMIUM TIMES

By Premium Times

Bayelsa State Government House in Yenegoa

Bayelsa State Government House in Yenegoa

Citing amongst others, Osun state, which recently provoked a row with the federal government over a similar move, Bayelsa state, President Goodluck Jonathan’s home state, announced on Wednesday it was rolling out its flag, coat of arms and an anthem.

The customized insignia are to be released once the law establishing them is signed by the governor, Seriake Dickson.

Mr. Dickson said the decision was taken to forge a common identity for the Ijaws with the state reputed as their homeland, and assured it was nothing different from what was obtained in the other nine states that have towed a similar path.

“In line with the vision of the founding fathers of our dearly beloved state and given this administration’s stand on Ijaw mobilization, Ijaw integration and the need to promote Ijaw fundamental interest, which clearly is not subordinate to any other interests, the government of Bayelsa State has given its approval to have a state-owned emblem to mark and strengthen our sense of identity as a state,” Mr. Dickson said in a statement signed by his Press Secretary, Daniel Iworiso-Markson.

The decision was taken at Monday’s State Executive Council meeting, the statement adds.

The move brings to 10, the number of states with known state paraphernalia with the rest being Lagos, Oyo, Osun, Ondo, Ogun, Ekiti, Kwara, Cross River and Rivers States.

But more than any other state, it was a similar declaration by the Osun state government, led by the Action Congress of Nigeria’s Rauf Aregbesola that triggered a collision between the state and the federal government in April.

Mr. Aregbesola introduced a new anthem, coat of arm, new school uniform and other emblems which the governor maintained were to promote the state culture.

Federal officials viewed the move as “secessionist” and reportedly had Mr. Aregbesola closely monitored by the Department of State Security and other security agencies. He was also accused of having links with Islamic militants outside the country.

The allegations were fiercely rejected by the ACN and Mr. Aregbesola, who accused the federal security units of “overzealousness”.

Justifying its decision to behave like Osun and the other states, the Bayelsa state governor said the emblems are to brand the state, and are cardinal to the development effort of the oil-rich state.

“This decision also underscores government’s belief that this state, like any other state, is where the Ijaws, the fourth largest ethnic nationality, has as its home. Bayelsa is home to all Ijaws both at home and abroad,” the statement said.

“The emblem therefore will help serve as a unifying force and rallying point for all our people. It says a lot about the preservation of our culture, our essential values as a people and as a race.”

  1. chichi Reply

    My Dickson stop playing wit our mind.Billions of Naira was given to ur Government, just start naming how u spend those money and leave we ordinary people that are not goverment looters ,whom are looking for market to sell our goods in a unified Nigeria.We igbos are d great losers(I left my shop in d north bcos of dis bh which was created by u people( since Asari has said they can destroy any state wit their big bombs how do we know they are not d so called bh.We supported u d ijaws but now ur saying Igbos and Ijaws are different.Ijaw ur bunch of lazy,unproductive and almost all of u are spending d whole day drinking beer.Come 2015 u would c

  2. Badamasi Bashir Ayoola Reply

    this will not bring unity in this country. Mr president pls & pls come out and tell us nig has been devided.

  3. nikky Reply

    Dont wait for any president to come out and tell ΰ before you know Nigeria is divided.

  4. Ajayi Abdullahi Ojo Reply

    The four largest ethnic group in Nigeria? Anyway, tell your brother to be very careful so that Nigeria will not split in his own time of being the president of a great country which has produced many christain presidents/heads of state like Nnamdi Azikiwe, Aguiyi Ironsi ,Yakubu Gowon Earnest Shonekan & Olusegun Obasanjo whose regime witnessed introduction of sharia law & he sensibly ruled for eight years without chaos of this nature. Why this administration is being characterised by massacre of christains & he could not protect them?

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