Gang Leader, 2 Suspects Arrested Over Deeper Life Church Attack

Suspects Arrested Over Deeper Life Church Attack. Photo: Dailypost The gang leader of the extremist group that killed about 20 worshipers in a Deeper Life Bible church in Kogi State two days ago has been reportedly captured in Ibilo, Edo State, a police source said.

The state commissioner of police, Alhaji Muhammed Musa Katsina, who paraded the three suspects before journalists at the police headquarters in Lokoja said his men caught the armed terrorists at Ibilo in Edo state, after a tip off.

According to the police, the gang leader, Yekini Isah of Obehira in Kogi state, was captured at about 4 am today (Wednesday) when well armed crack detectives backed by mobile police squad mobilized from the Kogi Police command stormed a criminal hideout in Idare Hills area of Okene.

One AK 47 rifle with 30 rounds of live ammunition was recovered from the the gang.

A police statement stated that the area is suspected to be a safe haven for hoodlums wreaking havoc in the State.

On sighting the policemen, the hoodlums reportedly opened fire, prompting a gun duel.

Mr. Isah fled the scene after sustaining head injuries, he was later trailed to a herbalist in Ibilo, Edo state where he was receiving treatment for his injuries and arrested with two other suspects, including a woman.

The police said:

“This old woman was said to have assisted the wounded terrorists under the cover of darkness to Ibilo after the exchanged of fire with police during the attack on the Deeper Live Church.

Confirming the arrest, Alhaji Katisna said, “We trailed them and gave them a tough fight, and you know it was in the dark they were able to escape with him to one place in Edo State for medication where we finally got him. We got him alive.”

  1. Ajayi Abdullahi Ojo Reply

    A job well done by Nigerian police. Almighty Allah wil surely expose & destroy the killers of our brodas & sisters in the church. We do not have religious problem in Ebiraland. We do things together as one family. The blood of our slained brothers & sisters wil never let them go unpunished in this world & hereafter AMEEN.

  2. figss Reply

    Kogites are not known for this barbaric Ojo abdullahi I appreciate your comments

  3. prince Reply

    that is how they will be capture one by one.
    well done nigeria securities. GOD will never alow them to see good things in there life.

  4. mathew Reply

    kogite lets not allow this idiot any chance of spoiling our lovely land wit the blood of innocent live may almighty God continue to enpower the security agencies in discharging the national assignment in protecting lives. long live kogite, long live niaja.

  5. mathew Reply

    kogite lets not allow this idiots any chance of spoiling our lovely land wit the blood of innocent live may almighty God continue to enpower the security agencies in discharging the national assignment in protecting lives. long live kogite, long live niaja.

  6. Prince Golden Reply

    If the head of boko haram is still alife the problem will continue.

  7. aim Reply

    my Iagala friend run from Maiduguri to Damaturu, DT to lokoja boko haram(Ibira & yoruba) members. your apointed time don end by d anointing of the Holy Ghost

  8. Audu Reply

    Commendable…well done NPF. We know u can do it if really you mean to and I thank God for your willingness at this time. We kogi people are a one big happy family and these idiots should not be allowed to divide us under any guise. Bravo but don’t be off guard, there are more of them.

  9. KRIS Reply


  10. Afolabi Hannah Olaniyan Reply

    It is well in Jesus might name!Amen.

  11. adams onuka Reply

    am an Ebira, which means good character, so we are not known to be callous and wicked. We had prayed that peace will reign continuously and those who think they can find for God had been told by Him that He does need them. They will know no peace until they either repent or God roots them out completely. My prayers are for and with the bereaved families. God is with you, but they that murder sleep will know no sleep. By His grace permanent peace has returned not only Ebiraland, Kogi but to Nigeria. God has abolished religious bitotry and fundamentalism. Boko Haram, you are gone for good. We praise You, God Almighty, Father, Son and Holy Ghost. Jesus Reigns for ever in Ebiraland and Nigeria

  12. Rasaki Idowu Reply

    Nigeria should be vigilant it is the true islamic terror will are looking for not a criminal paraded as slave goat in other to hide the true islamic terror, the police group that carry out the arest of Yekini were nothern,but since all these days the Boko haram head is yet to be areste,it is in these Kogi state prisoner of Boko Haram was set free by breaking the prison,all police command of Kogi should be change,Nigerians be vigilant.
    I do not trust Hausa aresting southern as terrorist, the blood of Yoruba is blood of peace and acommondative and tolerance,that is while iam crying for seperation of Nigeria into ethnical natural nation,before Hausa currupt the iglorant Yoruba children,Yoruba should stop sending their children to any islamic school of Hausa or head by Hausa or where leture is deliver by any Hausa teachers,and all Yoruba land should be carefull of any islamic school exstablish by any foreigner in our region, becase all these Arabisied sponsor school are to train terror, the govering power of Yoruba state, should set out inspector and spy that follow up kind of lesson been pass to our children all islamic schools either government schools or private,so that a possitive education of tolerance can be well indutrinating to them,Hausa should follow same technic if it is truely their government is not in suport of terrorist,it is time we hugently in need of state police, so that every state can deal with their crimes effective,state police all along with federal police.
    Yekini said that they are not aware of the crime been arest for,Nigerians be vigilant so that we can know the direction of the war of terror facing us,notable to Hausa ethnic.the investigation of Yekini should be done with other independent police non hausa and non muslim, his security should be taken out of the hand of the police that arested him, so that he can talk the true from his real spirit and not from the spirit of tuture,Nigerians be vigilant,Hausa can not protect any other ethnics of Nigerian, let ask for ethnical autonomous today through referandum vote, is a system our natural ethnical nation would be able to provide massimum security for their people rather than living their securities in the hand of their animy.
    To this end if Yekini is guilt of the crime is been acquis of, it might have been definatly currupted by Hausa Boko haram,an the spirit of Yoruba regeted him on this earth and in heaven for killing our sisters and brother worshiping according to their convention,and may soul of the killed once reste in perfect peace,and i sent my codolence to kumuyi. For yekini and his group they should be brutaly kill for their crime,especially Yekini should be brutaly kill for disgracing Yoruba.

  13. Rasaki Idowu Reply

    Yekini and other, said by the nothern police that arest them that they was arested in edo state from an abalise treating them,an islamic terror are estremist and anti abalisied to point of dead, how do they gather their information from Kogi that between 3 days that led to their arest by the police,Nigerians be vigilant.

  14. Rasaki Idowu Reply

    Yekini said we are not awere of the crime been arest for, by the northern police,be vigilant Nigerians,except these police that arested Yekini were not nothern that would make me to reason in another way.for now i do not trust norther police in the south and in souh nort.

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