Photo Of The Day: A Sign From Heaven? (A MUST SEE)

What do you think about this picture? It was seen in Pretoria, South Africa. Some say its a sign from heaven.

Let’s know what you think!!

A sign from heaven

  1. mathew Reply

    sign that the coming of the messiah is near. we shld move more closer to God.

  2. ogunmola sunday Reply

    it is just a cloud formation of angelic shape. nothing spcial. that is not among the sign of the end time listed in the bible. everyone shd give their life to christ to avoid unnecssary panic.

  3. Anicho Okoro Reply

    God is saying something, all we need to know is that Jesus is coming very soon, everyone should be very prepared for this great and terrible day.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    Nathan Jasson. if that image is real and not a digital art than yes we have to let go of the things of the earth coz time is near when the messiah jesus christ will come just like he said in his word that no one on earth not even the angels of heaven knows the return of the father,on the day of judgement i believe that time is near we just dont no it if u look wats happening in the world all the chaos just like the bible said in the last days that the nations will stand up against eachother,We hve start abey and do as God wants us to do in his holy name and to follow him as a believer.

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