Gunmen Kill 3 Worshippers Praying Inside Mosque in Okene

Gunmen Kill 3 Worshippers Praying Inside Mosque in Okene Unknown gunmen killed three worshippers in an attack on a mosque in Okene, Kogi State, a day after 19 were killed in gunfire at a church in the same town, police said.

The three worshippers were shot dead by unidentified gunmen while praying inside a mosque.

“There was a fresh attack at a mosque in Okene. Two soldiers died and another person in the crossfire,” Kogi State Police Commissioner Muhammed Katsina told Reuters.

After the attacks, Kogi State Governor Idris Wada ordered an all-night curfew in Okene and surrounding areas in an effort to stem the violence.

  1. mimi4naija Reply

    these evil people want to turn us against ourselves

  2. Salihu Reply

    Wat typ of country is dis, y killin pple anyhw? Are dos pple dont av lyf 2 leave? Dis is 2much 2 bear now, may b dey should legalise d use os gun 4 security purpose.

  3. Bilqees Reply

    Better oo because dis tin is getting 2 much.since president can not say anytin about it

  4. murtala Abubakar Reply

    killing peaple in nigeria is over. why nigerian leaders dont care about us .only haw to get money know , wawaye

  5. murtala Abubakar Reply

    muslim and christen in nigeria we are inpeace, why now porlitical leaders uses us to kill ourself because of money. . anyone come to you tell him iwill go together with your son .believe in GOD is better them anything dont forget by murtala abubakar

  6. Kachi Reply

    Only 3? That’s no revenge yet.

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