Christian Association In Northern Nigeria Calls For Resignation Of President Jonathan

By SaharaReporters

Goodluck Jonathan For his inability to contain Boko Haram, and statements indicating his inability, the Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) in Northern Nigeria today described President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan as a failure and asked him to resign.

In a statement signed by its Publicity Secretary, Elder Sunday Oibe, CAN said it would no longer trust any commitment expressed by President Jonathan, citing his inept leadership.

It pointed out that Mr. Jonathan’s recent positions portray him as soft and that he cannot overcome the daily insurgency and killings of security operatives, civilians and foreigners in the country.

“Are those being killed by the Islamic sect, particularly Christians not members of the Nigerian family the President is talking about?” the association asked, querying whether members of Boko Haram are now sacred cows.

“What he is telling us now is that there is nothing he can do about it, but we know that the federal government has the capacity to stop the madness being unleashed on Nigerians, however, it is now obvious that the President would rather shield criminal.”

Turning to the federal government’s justification of its opposition to Boko Haram being branded a terrorist group, namely that Nigeria may come under sanctions which will hurt Nigerians as well as scare away investors, CAN asked: “Are we not hurt already? Are Nigerians not suffering? How many investors are coming to invest?”

It pointed out that many business premises in Yobe, Maiduguri, Kano, Kaduna and Jos have already shut down.

“Nobody is coming up north to set up any business,” the association said. “People are selling off their houses and relocating from the north. Our churches are being close down on a daily basis. So what investor is the government talking about?”

  1. John Reply

    if d north has decided to be kiling dem selves nd others is it d president dat sent dem? U pepl ar al evil wen hausa wer ruling is ther no problm? Y must north blame d presidnt 4ther wickdnes let d country split or Gej 2nd term 2015 dat,s final

    • Jindo Reply

      @John or what u call ur self, That’s never happening by grace of God. Not god 3 in 1.

    • idris Reply

      S@ John look at you mumu checkout your future life do you have future since you are born in this country? 50 years no electricity, roads, water,schools, hospital, unemployment, inscurity, militants, boko haram and many more, please you better think of your future not sentiment you should know PDP cabal are all same, they worship one god they have same father and same mother, please do not deceive yourself.

  2. kellyeazy Reply

    let all this CAN people stop what they are saying,they are taking nonsense, instead of them praying for the nation, they are busy praying for offerings.they called them self christian, why should they ask the president to resign. Mr president, leave the whole issue to God, God will always strengthen you.the sky is your stepping stone, not your limit.God bless you mr president.From Kellyeazy ghana

    • Badga Reply

      Guy, don’t take your personal opinion or personality cult you people have for Jonathan and make all the innocent citizens die for nothing sake, Mr president is very weak, is a stultify leader whose just offer futile promises to tackle the terrorism, Jonathan is addle so much he cannot rule Nigeria because of his inert character, He is afraid of someone that sponsor the Islamic sect. we both vote for him but I will never vote for him again due to his levity and leniency attitude.

  3. Iheanyi Reply

    All that is said about Jonathan inability to stop the senseless killing of Nigerians by Boko haram is correct. I have taken much time to x-ray Jonathan administration and have seen that all that matters most to him is only how to generate money which they will share amongst themselves at the expense of the poor populace lives. Though not from the north, i must stand by the truth. He should resign hence he is not competent.

  4. northerner Reply

    Wat a jargon spoke is this•I wonder y wat concern CAN wth political issues,o is bcus is their tyrant leader ruling us in dictatorship way rule,NO AFRAID ON MIND OF ANY MUSLIM!!!shame on u CAN!!!

  5. kk Reply

    @john ur nothing but a FOOL with no sense of reasoning. Element of non-commercial value, stupid child

  6. wan Reply

    CAN and other commented so far are suffering from childish ideas

  7. North Voice Reply

    We have told you that this Man is a failure, CAN should have reason since that the chemistry of Nigeria must remain as it is. Any attempt to temper with because of religious or tribal jingoism would affect every body in in the country. We have look for a capable hand come 2015 so that Nigeria would move forward to a better destiny irrespective of our region, religion or tribes.

  8. South South Reply

    Stupid idiots will unless an Hausa man ruled there will be no Boko Haram, all of u in this forum are born idiots. how can CAN ask d president to resign………..shameless fools

  9. South South Reply

    come 2015 an lgbo man will take over from Mr. Jonathan and we will see what will happen, we are always ready for them the huasa’s. Mr. President is just a soft person, who is that that will rull us better from the Northt that have not ruled before……. let Nigeria be divided afterrall South and Norther Sudan did and today which part is regrettin. Bokor Haram is doin nobody rather themselve. soon there will be no live in the Northern part of Nigerian and every where will turn to desert.

  10. Danlami Lago Reply

    We told you who to vote for but you rejectet him on region and religious ground. What are you saying now ? you focusless people ! Let president Jonathan continue to govern this nation for as long as he wishes. We the housas have nothing to lose. This has to make you to begin to learn and respect our political ideology next episode, come 2015. You should always learn to go for what we present.

    • Badga Reply

      Yep, you talk well however, we would never vote for Buari, Atiku, Or Babangida no matter the situation of Nigeria, Jonathan will never win again by the grace of God, we have started it now.

  11. Ruth Reply

    who is perfect, nobody is an irland can just pray 4 mr president n Nigeria.

  12. ogunmola sunday Reply

    it is cowardice for most of u to be bearing names like south north, kk etc. Jonathan should resign for his inability to curtail scurity chalenges which is the priority of any goverment and for shielding BH boys after the former NSA and Buhari has given us clue to their sponsors. rather he appointed Okupe to be defending his lapses.

  13. You people still dream and talk like unborn babies. Nigeria is and will never be a country. Goodluck johnatan has alraedy resigned today now. Bath nnaji power minster also resigned. The next thing to do now is to devid nigeria like they did northern and southern sudan. Nigerians are not one and cannot never be a country we havae muslims,christains mainly they don’t have anything in common noting they do corespond. Nigeria cannot go paste this once goodluck resign now the country will be devided. How can same people and their family be ruling and eating the country money wealth alone and mases surfering. Abeg abeg every body go to ur Part of country and form ur country we are not compatible to be a country We north east west do not have anything in common we don’t act or behave same as one. Northerners behave like rams narma cow, why youroba behave like judas that betrays jesus, niger deltans behave like cawards fools that don’t know their left or right just been used. Nigeria is not a country oh. Everybody oya start going to ur country

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