Boko Haram: The 20 Killed By JTF Were Civilians Not Our Members

Contrary to what the security forces said in Nigeria, Boko Haram has Monday announced that the 20 people killed in Maiduguri were not members of the extremist sect, but they were civilians.

Boko Haram spokesman Abu Qaqa told a teleconference for journalists in Maiduguri, capital of Borno state, that his fighters had not been meeting at the place where the military said it killed them.
Boko Haram

Qaqa, who spoke in Hausa, said, “The JTF only brutally killed innocent poor people. There is no way our sect members up to 20 will gather in such environment and hold a council sitting. It is a lie and blatant lie. We are committed and have vowed until a Muslim State is formed in Nigeria and not going back on this.”

  1. Shehu garba gwarzo. Reply


  2. Sani Aminu Kano Reply

    dis boko haram have been created by goodluck administration just to destroy north and spoiled the name of islam and he want show the world dat northern people are not wit him. God will furnish him (gudluck).

    • mimi4naija Reply

      U no sabi spell again? “furnish” that’s to show your level of illiteracy. Please a koma makaranta.

  3. sam Reply

    i thought of it to when i read 20 boko haram members have been killed. u guys just do shit. They should be caught alive and not dead for questioning. don’t beat them because they are still a suspect. U kill civilians that are very relevant to the future.Make their leader speak on phone or via radio for communication. then track him down. fix wireless tiny cameras everywhere and the job is done.All we believe in is power and not technology and brains
    The guy said they are not stupid but would be so foolish sitting in a volatile place to hold a meeting

  4. b Alis Reply

    Betting about the bush,killing ennocent people

  5. Ajakaye Reply

    Police should try to adopt a new approach to this issue, otherwer many people would die innocently

  6. Yohana Reply

    We cannot be fooled by boko haram. Is ur membas dat were killed , bt aceptn it means aceptn defeat thus u ve 2 denie it. Even a careful armed rubber mst make mistake oneday. O! Boko haram! U ve killed unarmed inocent civilllians in deir places of worships nd merkets. While jtf kill only armed civillians in their hideouts.

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