OPC: Jonathan Should Disregard Those Calling For His Resignation

Dr. Frederick Fasehun The O’odua Peoples Congress, OPC founder, Dr. Frederick Fasehun on Tuesday urged President Goodluck Jonathan to disregard those calling for his resignation. He also said he should resign because of threats from terrorists.

At a press briefing in Lagos, Fasehun said:

“It will be a bad precedence for a president to leave his office because of terrorists demanding his removal.

“We cannot override the national assembly to remove him, if the people think he deserves to be removed,” the News Agency quoted the OPC founder as saying at the briefing.

Fasehun said that only a fool would play the ethno-religious card in contemporary Nigerian politics.

“Religion has no place in Nigerian Politics or government.”

“Everybody seems to want to stop Nigeria to jump out of this troubled boat. Everybody is thinking of his primordial interest above national interest.

“Nobody seems genuinely committed to the unity of Nigeria, which is very worrisome.”

“No country has ever survived two civil wars. We have experienced one. Another civil war will be Nigeria’s Armageddon,” he said.

Fasehun said the only panacea available for the restructuring, reforming, redesigning and transforming the nation was a sovereign national conference.

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