20-Year-Old Caught Trying To Rape His Grandmother Because He Couldn’t Get A Girlfriend

By Dailymail

A 20-year-old man attempted to rape his grandmother after complaining to her he could not get a girlfriend.

Samuel Dye is alleged to have beaten his grandmother with a hammer before launching the sex attack.

He had complained about not being able to find a girlfriend and told her he was going to ‘get some’.

Police said Dye’s assault was stopped by his father after he heard the screams of his 61-year-old mother.

Samuel Dye

He found his son on top of his mother with his trousers pulled down and hitting her in the head with a hammer.

The father pulled his own away and detained him until police arrived.

The alleged attack took place after Dye turned up at his grandmother’s home in Chester, South Carolina, at 4am last Thursday.

The woman told police Dye showed up at her home with a hammer in his hand and began complaining about not having a girlfriend. He said he was going to ‘get some’.

The arrest report, seen by the Charlotte Observer, said Dye began attacking her.

She pleaded with her grandson to stop and suggested they pray together.

Dye then exposed himself to the woman and tried to rape her before hitting her in the head again and knocking her onto the ground, the report states.

Sheriff Richard Smith said Dye’s father caught him ‘in the act’ of trying to rape his mother.

Dye is being held at the Chester County Detention Center having been charged with charged with attempted murder and attempted sexual contact.

Records with the State Law Enforcement Division shows that Dye has no prior criminal history in South Carolina, aside from a seat belt violation that is still pending in court, it was reported by the Charlotte Observer.

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  3. Ejeabocha maureen Reply

    how could he be so stupid like that. What about those prostitute standing out there must it be the groundmother f**k

  4. splen Reply

    what on earth will make him do that? Are there no prostitute around were he stay? Oh may God these guy must be under a demonic influence. God help us

  5. tonia Reply

    Dats absurd he needs to be flogged n jailed with hard labour

  6. obi Reply

    he wanted a girlfriend or sex? If it were sex, he should have gone to the brothel and pay for some round, but if not, the old lady should have deceived him and called peoples attention. The guy needed some prayers.

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    he is mad

  8. Kathleen Reply

    Prostitution is illegal in most states of the union.

  9. Pramod Reply

    He is syco…..may be he is suffering frm sycological disorder….

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    This world has berely come to an end. What a stupidity to have sex with your grandmother unless if he’s kook and insane.

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    My friends, the time to continuously gratify yourselves by any means necessary is over. Yes, this man is bad, but in God’s eyes is it really that much worse than when we look at porn and give in to lust? (God sees that). When we have sex with everyone who is willing? (God sees that). When listen to music and watch TV/movies that blaspheme His Holy Name? (God sees that). When we just sit by and let homosexuality and other depravities run rampant in our day to day live and never stand up to it? (God sees that).

    Sure, assaulting your grandmother is abhorrent, but how many of us have, or are close to someone who has killed their own baby that God has created in the womb? Yet somehow that does not bother us so much?

    There is still time!!! Jesus Christ is your only salvation. He will forgive you of ALL of your sins (including abortion/murder, homosexuality, adultery, etc.) if you just ask Him and if you turn from them and walk in Him.

    I am not trying to convince you. I am warning you. There will soon be a time when you will not have that option anymore, my friends. Let go of the trash that this world tells you you must cling to. Die to your fleshly desires and live for God.

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